Meet Your New Best Friend: Introducing the Inaugural First-Year Coach

We admit it -- the first year of college is rough sometimes. Although the new freedoms, new friends, and new opportunities are awesome, you’re bound to hit some bumps in the road.

That’s exactly why Ithaca College’s Academic Enrichment Services hired Zach Berenzweig ’10 to be our first-ever, first-year coach.

A culture and communication major from Wayne, New Jersey, he’s the go-to guy for questions about academics, study issues, and what to do both on and off campus.

Zach is on a mission “to ensure first-year student success.”

If you’re a freshman, you can talk to Zach about anything, whether you’re homesick, afraid of failure, having roommate issues, or just looking for some friendly advice.

There are few people more passionate about what they do than Zach Berenzweig. His enthusiasm is obvious, and he loves it when students approach him asking, “Are you that first-year-coach guy?”

He started developing connections with first-years by serving as an orientation leader this past summer.

“The bonds I formed with the first-year students and the other orientation leaders was very rewarding, and I enjoy seeing them around campus and catching up with them,” says Zach.

To meet Zach, you can stop by his office in 131 Towers Concourse from 6:30 to 9 every night or on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you’d rather schedule a one-on-one appointment, just call 274-3381 or stop by 110 Towers Concourse to schedule it.

Most importantly, welcome to Ithaca College, and enjoy these next four years.

Originally published in Fuse: Meet Your New Best Friend: Introducing the Inaugural First-Year Coach.