New Easy ID Access System Keeps Campus Safe

IC students can now stop fumbling for their keys.

ID Access Card Readers are now located at the entrances of all residence halls, including the Garden Apartments and the Circle Apartment Community Building, and student ID cards are all that is required to unlock the doors.

Each student ID card has a chip in it that the card readers recognize. Students don't even need to swipe -- just waving a valid ID card in front of the reader will grant any student entrance to their particular residence hall.

The new system is convenient, but it also boasts some new safety features. If a student tries to gain access to a residence hall with an invalid card or a door is forced or propped open, an alarm will sound in both the dorm and the monitoring station.

IC is still putting the finishing touches on the ID Access system, so student  IDs may be used in conjunction with the traditional lock-and-key entry method until spring break. After that student ID cards will be required.



Originally published in Fuse: New Easy ID Access System Keeps Campus Safe.