Quidditch on the Quad

Decked out with face paint and proudly showing their house colors, the residents of IC's Hood and Hilliard Halls met on the Campus Center quad for an epic battle for bragging rights in IC's first Quidditch match.

Yes, Quidditch, as in Harry Potter.

Hood Hall resident assistant and Quidditch photographer Lizzy Honas '11 organized the match between Hood Hall, playing as Gryffindor House, and Hilliard Hall, playing as Slytherin House.

The two teams used foam pool noodles as broom sticks -- red for Slytherin, green for Gryffindor.

They used hula hoops for the goals, a volleyball for the bludgeon, and a student dressed in a yellow shirt as the snitch. The rules were the same as they are in the book, though modified for safety (and gravity), with the first team to catch the snitch named the winner.

“They [the residents] were so excited,” Honas says. “A lot of them went to the match with face paint either supporting Gryffindor or Slytherin. And there was a buzz after it too. Everyone was talking about Hood’s victory.”

Honas says the program received so much positive feedback from her residents that people have begun talking about starting an official Quidditch club, getting more residence halls involved and holding tournaments.

And you thought college students only tossed around the Frisbee!

Originally published in Fuse: Quidditch on the Quad.