Checking In/Out of Your Room

All students residing on campus must follow the room check-in process. Most of our residents check-in at the beginning of the Fall semester and remain in their room assignment for the entire academic year. Others returning from a semester away from campus as well as some new students check-in at the beginning of the Spring semester. All students who change room assignments during the academic year must also check-in.

During check-in, you will receive and sign for your room or apartment, and mailbox keys. When you are provided with keys, you will also receive a Room Condition Report (RCR) or Apartment Condition Report (ACR) form, or information about submitting the form on-line. This form should be promptly completed to reflect the condition of your room or apartment before you move in, and submitted in a timely manner.

No student is allowed to check in prior to their designated check-in date without prior written approval for Early Arrival. To assist our residents with their travel planning, Residence Hall openings and closings for the academic year are published as part of the Residential Life calendar.

Checking Out

Fall residents, including residents of Circle and Garden Apartments, who are not living on campus for the Spring semester (e.g., study abroad, December graduates) must check out by the published Fall closing date. During the academic year, residents will be apprised of the date and time by which they must check out for room changes and other circumstances.

Spring residents, excluding residents of Circle Apartments, must check out by the published closing date for the Spring semester or the Late Departure date approved by the Office of Residential Life. Spring residents of Circle Apartments are required to check out by July 8th unless they have the same room assignment in the Fall and have been approved as part of the Circles squatting process.

Regular Checkout: Simply return your room or apartment, and mail keys to the appropriate Area Office during office hours. Be sure you sign the key record form which indicate your keys were returned. SPECIAL NOTE: Resident Assistants do not under any circumstance determine what will be assessed a damage charge.

Escorted Checkout: Contact your Residence Director and schedule an appointment for a walk-through (students who fail to complete and submit a Room Condition Report (RCR) or Apartment Condition Report (ACR) may not elect this checkout option as they have waived their right to appeal damage charges). Based upon staff availability, a professional staff member will inspect your room or apartment, and will indicate items for which you will be billed (you will only be billed for item(s) noted during this inspection). Once the inspection is complete, return your keys to them and be sure to sign the key record form indicating your keys were returned.

Room Check-in Locations

Check-in locations for the Fall and Spring semesters are published separately. At all other times, check-in locations are at the Area office:

  • Circles Community Building Lobby for Circle Apartments
  • Eastman Hall Lobby for Emerson Hall, Quads, and Garden Apartments.
  • Terrace 07 Room 100 for Terraces and Towers.
Check Out Checklist

When you check out, be certain that you:

  • clean and vacuum your room.
  • empty recycling bins and place back in your room.
  • don't leave items behind in drawers, closets, wardrobes, under beds or attached to desks.
  • close and lock your door.
  • turn in your keys (failure to return room keys will result in a recore charge).
Room Changes Must Be Approved

Room changes during the academic year must be made through the Room Change Procedures. Swapping keys and rooms with any other student will result judicial action. It is important for us to know where you are assigned in the event of an emergency. Please contact the Office of Residential Life if you wish to make a room change.