Getting Involved!

Be part of your FYRE Community!

The first step to getting involved at IC is to set up your Engage profile! Engage is an online portal used at IC to connect students with one another, organize our student organization, and publicize upcoming events in the community. For more information on all events in the residence halls, check out Engage.

Our FYRE program asks students to be participants in their community experience by helping shape community events and initiatives through their unique contributions. By actively participating in FYRE, students have the opportunity to explore and share ideas while meeting new friends, developing a relationship with their Resident Assistant (RA), and learning more about the Ithaca College community as a whole.

Social opportunities are a standard in FYRE! – whether it is dinner with friends, Pinterest crafts, a building-wide video game tournament, pick-up basketball games, movie nights, etc. …you are sure to stumble upon something going on just about every evening in the residence halls!

In addition to social events, students will also get to have interesting, intellectual conversations with one another; either informally or prompted by their community’s FYRE Associate and RA. We want each FYRE floor community to be a reflection of the students living there; we want every student to be able to have an impact on where they live by contributing ideas, sharing interests, guiding events, and being part of the conversation.

Want to make an even bigger impact on IC’s community? Consider joining Community Council! The Community Councils are organized by residence hall cluster so students will get to work with and plan for friends living in their own residence hall. Every fall, we host elections for executive board member positions including: President, Building Governor, Secretary, and Treasurer. Community Council acts somewhat similarly to class council in high school and has a budget to provide social events for students living in the area. Community Council members also advocate for their community to make changes to improve the residence hall experience for all students. If interested, talk to your RA and look for signage in your building!

FYRE also hosts and/or partners with other offices at IC to bring students some well-loved and time-honored traditions. Included among that list are:

  • Convocation
  • Theme Kick-Off
  • First Bomber Weekend
  • First Year Speakers Series
  • Spirit Week
  • Family Weekend
  • First-Year Friday