Meet the Staff and Faculty working in your Community!

There are a number of staff in FYRE who are available to answer your questions, assist you with navigating college resources, and to help provide an enjoyable first-year experience.

Assistant Director for Residential Education
The Assistant Director for Residential Education is a full-time staff member who works in the Residential Life Central Office (East Tower) and provides leadership for the entire FYRE Program.

Residence Director (RD)
The RD’s are full-time professional staff members who live in each of the FYRE residential clusters and supervises the RA staff team. The RD is a resource who is available for your questions and personal/academic support.

Resident Assistants (RAs)
You will find an RA on every floor/wing in FYRE. RAs are returning student leaders who are available to answer your questions and point you in the direction of important campus resources. RAs sponsor a variety of social and educational activities to help promote a strong community.

FYRE Associate
FYRE Associates are Ithaca College faculty or staff members who are selected to work with students as part of FYRE. FYRE Associates play an integral role in success of our first‐year students by providing leadership for the educational and experiential initiatives within each FYRE residential cluster at Ithaca College. Each year, with the support of student staff, FYRE Associates direct the execution of “Student Learning Initiatives” during the academic year in the area of Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability, and Social & Emotional Learning. (SLO Initiatives are events, campaigns, or other learning strategies that further students understanding of a specific learning outcome.)

Here is a list of this year's FYRE Associates:

Sustainability: Matt Vosler

Social and Emotional Learning: Sarah Grunberg

Diversity and Inclusion: Mirit Hadar


Hood: Lynne Pierce

Hilliard: Jennifer Potter

Holmes: Mara Baldwin


Landon: Kelly Hallisy

Bogart: Kate Miller

Clarke: Doug Freeman


Sustainability: Te-Wen Lo

Social and Emotional Learning: Radio Cremata

Diversity and Inclusion: RahK Lash

If you are interested in becoming a FYRE Associate, are a first-year student with questions about your FYRE Associate, or have other questions about this topic, please contact Dr. Jacqueline Winslow, Assistant Director for Residential Education, at

If you have more questions about the First-Year Residential Experience program, you may contact us at, or at 607-274-3141.