How Do I Select FYRE?

All first-year students live in the First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE). There are six residence hall clusters that house FYRE students:

  • Boothroyd, Rowland, & Tallcott (BRT)
  • East Tower (ET)
  • Eastman & Lyon (EL)
  • Hilliard, Hood, & Holmes (HHH or Triple H)
  • Landon, Bogart, & Clarke (LBC)
  • West Tower (WT)

Incoming students may select their housing assignment online through HomerConnect after creating a housing profile.  After the housing profile is created on HomerConnect, students should use their randomly assigned lottery number to select into the FYRE building of their choice on their designated day (based on lottery number).  

For additional information about room selection, please refer to Room Selection and Room Changes including the subsection for First-Year Students.  

See also the Summer Recess section of Important Dates.  

During summer orientation all first-year students will get information about housing selection as well.

Room Types:  Students living in FYRE have the opportunity for two different housing options.  Students can elect to live in a single room where they can have privacy when they want to, but be surrounded by their first-year friends, or choose to live in a traditional double room. All floors (Towers) and wings (Quads) are single gender, with the exception of Boothroyd Hall, which is coed by door.

If you have any questions about the housing selection process, please visit our office in the East Tower lobby, call us at (607) 274-3141, or e-mail us at  General questions about the FYRE program may be directed to