Benefits of FYRE

There are five signature components of the FYRE program designed to help students successfully transition to Ithaca College and become an active community member:

Live with other First-Year Students. Our FYRE program provides the opportunity for incoming first-year students to live with one another as a cohort and create new friendships. It is a great way to begin your Ithaca College experience! You will have the opportunity to meet many of your classmates and develop lasting friendships, attend interesting and engaging activities, and have important discussions about life on campus. Overall, students living in the First-Year Residential Experience report high levels of satisfaction with their residence hall experience.

Experience an Excellent RA to Student Ratio.  Within FYRE, students will experience a low Resident Assistant (RA) to student ratio so that they have access to, and attention from, their RA year-round. In a typical FYRE building, there is approximately one RA for every twenty-two students.  This means that Ithaca’s first-year students have more personalized attention, guidance, and mentorship from a highly-selective and highly-trained group of upper-division student leaders.

Have Structured Points of Contact with their RA.  We guarantee that each student has at least three structured points of contact with their RA during a semester.  While students and RAs will be in contact throughout the academic year, these meetings are opportunities to focus more specifically on transitional issues, access to academic resources, and opportunities within the community.  Students have the opportunity to share their IC experience, ask questions, and hear about important campus resources like the Writing Center, Tutoring Services, Academic Advising Center, Career Services, Counseling Center, and more. Students consistently share that the relationship they build with their RA is one of the best parts of living in FYRE!

Benefit from FYRE Associates.  Our FYRE program boasts an impressive group of Ithaca College faculty and staff who serve as educational guides for a first-year student’s transition to IC.  FYRE Associates partner with a residential community, offer engaging events, engage students in interesting dialogue, and inspire curiosity in new topics.

Shape their Community Experience!  FYRE offers increased opportunities for students to have voice and involvement in shaping their community experience through engaging events with RAs and Community Council (a Social Programming & Community Advocacy Student Group).  FYRE focuses on students as partners in creating and shaping their first-year experience.  While RAs and FYRE Associates will still provide leadership, mentorship, and resources to first-year students, first-year students will be invited to participate in their community by sharing ideas, interests, and helping advise community activities.