Requirements and Perspective

In addition to sharing a common residential experience, students in the HOME Program are required to participate in the HOME lecture series, and attend HOME sponsored events. Residents will need to attend 6 HOME programs each semester.

At the end of each semester, students in the program will participate in a Community Forum to discuss the various programs and life in a multicultural setting.

Applications for incoming, returning and transfer students are available through HomerConnect.

Faculty Fellows

Quotes from Past Residents

"HOME is a great tool of cultural education in a magnificent atmosphere of diversity!" - Mohammed Tantawi, Egypt

"HOME gives students a hands-on experience in multiculturalism as opposed to just attending a lecture in a classroom." - Luis Maravi, Peru

"HOME is a place where east meets west and multiculturalism flourishs." - Radhika Angara, India

"Living in HOME gave me the opportunity to learn about other cultures, traditions, and beliefs within a community. It wasn't just learning from text books, but learning from people." - Kristin Haegele, U.S.

"HOME gave me the chance to share my stories from home." - Sumona (Rini) Banjeree, India