COVID-Adjusted Attendance Policy + Community Agreement Reporting Form

The College continues to advocate for flexibility in how faculty members monitor, support, and evaluate students’ “participation” and “attendance” in Spring 2021. In addition, reminding students to use the Community Agreement Reporting form is supported by the Senior Leadership Team.

Supporting Students

Please create environments that encourage our on-campus students and faculty to remain at their residences rather than traveling to campus if they are experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19. This will be achieved, in part, by

  • completing the electronic Daily Health Screening and refraining from coming to campus if directed not to as a result of that screening; and
  • our reinforcement, though community education and agreements, that we are committed to supporting the health and safety of others and ourselves.

The classroom culture itself plays a meaningful role in supporting the health of our community. Faculty have been able to find ways to recognize and support student engagement while normalizing the expectation that a student who may be unwell should engage in self-care. Faculty who explicitly communicate and model the value of self-care, in the interest of creating safe and inclusive classrooms, help make our expectations for students more transparent and believable. This level of extra compassion means a great deal to our students.

We also know that some students, because they are enrolled in a schedule that mixes in-person and online classes, may experience challenge leaving one in-person class and finding a suitable and appropriately distanced space to log in to their online class.

Thank you for being understanding of the new complexities students will navigate.

Attendance Policy Syllabus Insert

Please note the Attendance Policy approved by APC and Faculty Council, a copy of which is in the College Catalog and in the syllabus template for Spring 2021.

Community Agreement Reporting Form Syllabus Insert

Student Government Council passed a resolution in December asking that faculty include a link to the Community Agreement Reporting Form in their syllabi and remind their students of the importance of filing the report when they witness violations of the Community Agreement. This resolution was supported by the Provost's Office and Senior Leadership Team. Faculty are asked to add the following insert to their syllabi for as long as the Community Agreement is in effect:

“If you experience or witness an incident or event, whether on campus, via social media, or within the Ithaca community that raises health and safety concerns and appears to violate the Ithaca College Community Agreement, please complete and submit this form. The following website contains instructions for reporting violations to the college: