Classroom Modalities, Assignments, and Capacity


Classes for Spring 2021 are currently tagged in Homer with the modality indicators you indicated during the schedule planning process. To reduce students’ confusion during a semester in which they might be attending courses across different modalities, faculty should develop written, clearly communicated expectations about your course meeting schedule. This is especially true for classes that will normally meet in person but that may require an occasional online meeting day for small-group work or for classes in which you will need to develop an alternating A-day, B-day in-person schedule as a consequence of room capacities.

All courses are expected to meet at their regularly scheduled times—whether in a classroom or online—as per the schedule posted in HomerConnect. No class meeting times are to be changed in a regular, ongoing way, unless the department chair and Registrar’s office have been informed, with Homer updated, prior to the start of the semester. (This does not apply to the occasional class meeting that is shifted online or to small groups similar to what we might do during a typical, non-COVID semester.)

Classroom Assignments

Please review Homer to confirm the final classroom assignments for your spring courses while we make every attempt to match you to an appropriately sized space.

Once you are using a classroom, you will need to ensure the number of students in the room at one time does not exceed the recently reduced capacity of the room unless you have submitted a protocol and received approval from the Health and Safety Advisory Group to do otherwise. Classroom capacities have been updated to reflect compliance with 6 feet of physical distance and are visible in 25-Live, along with diagrams created by the Office of Facilities to represent proper placement of desks, chairs, tables, or other items to maintain 6 feet of physical distancing. 

Classroom Capacity

This shows a screenshot of 25Live and how to click on the "events" tab in the top middle part of the page and to select "locations."

You may access the image of the classroom’s amended COVID seating arrangement in the following way.

  • From Ithaca.edu, go to Apps.
  • Log in to 25Live Pro.
  • Sign in (top right of the page).
  • At Select Object, instead of “Events,” use the drop down to select “Locations.”

This shows a screenshot of 25Live and where to find the classroom on the top left side of the page and where to get an image of the revised seating layout by clicking in the middle of the page.
  • In the search box, type the name of the building where the classroom is located.
  • Scroll down the page, or navigate to the next page, until you see your classroom in the list.
  • Click on the classroom name (in blue, first column).
  • When the classroom page opens (like below), click on the diagram that will reveal the revised seating layout with physical distancing.
  • You can click on the image to the right to open it up, save it, annotate it, or print it.

Options if There is Misalignment Between Course Enrollment and Room Capacity

If you find that the capacity of the room to which you are assigned does not match your class enrollment, the first step is to reach out to the Registrar’s Office at registrar@ithaca.edu to evaluate if your room may be reassigned.

If reassignment is not possible, you may need to develop an alternating A-Day, B-Day schedule for class attendance. To facilitate this, we recommend the following steps:

  • During the first week of online classes (January 25th), learn which of your students are planning to attend the course in-person for the semester, and which plan to remain remote for the semester. (The Registrar’s Office will share what they know from declaration forms, but these may not perfectly indicate students’ selections about how they will attend.)
  • If the room capacity still does not accommodate the number of students who intend to attend in person, identify students to attend class on alternating days. This could be half of your roster on Tuesdays and the other half on Thursdays. For a MWF schedule, you might designate actual days on the class meeting schedule (and syllabus) as A-Days and B-Days and assign students to each of those days.
  • If you use an alternating A-Day, B-Day schedule, please be sure all students know, prior to February 8th, which days they should attend in person and which they should not. Please also submit seating charts for both days when you submit your seating charts in early February.