Adhering to State Guidelines

Important Updates to NYS Travel Advisory

Effective November 4, New York State travel guidelines no longer list "restricted states." Instead, there are differing rules for states that are contiguous and non-contiguous with New York, U.S. Territories, and countries with a Level 2 or Higher Travel Health Notice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

New York State, Contiguous States or CDC 'No Travel Health Notice' or Level 1

Students who reside in New York State or the contiguous states of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Vermont are not required by New York State to quarantine upon entry.

Students from countries with a CDC No Travel Health Notice or Level 1 designation are not required by New York State to quarantine upon entry.

What This Means for Spring Move-In

For new and returning students from the locations noted above who will reside on campus, a phased residence hall move-in will be conducted from January 19 to February 5. Ithaca College is asking that all students complete a self-quarantine for 14 days at home before traveling to Ithaca. In addition, we strongly recommend that you obtain a COVID-19 test before traveling to Ithaca. If you are positive, you should not travel until released from isolation. You will be tested again upon arrival, and will enter Ithaca College’s precautionary quarantine (either on campus or in an Ithaca College-provided hotel room) overnight or until you receive a negative test result.

Non-Contiguous States, U.S. Territories, or CDC Level 2 or Higher

Students from all other states, U.S. Territories, and CDC Level 2 or higher countries must plan to quarantine for 10 days for asymptomatic individuals upon arrival in New York State to satisfy the Travel Advisory guidelines, or go through the test-out option.

Test-Out Option

This new option allows students to “test out” of the 10-day requirement for asymptomatic individuals after arriving in New York. They can accomplish this by doing all of the following:

  1. Obtaining a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to arrival in New York (you do not have to have the results prior to travel, but you must receive a negative result on this test prior to exiting quarantine - you must remain in quarantine until you receive the negative result in addition to a negative result on your Day 4 test);
  2. Completing a 3-day quarantine, measured from the time of arrival, within New York; and
  3. Obtaining a COVID-19 test on the 4th day. If that test is negative, they may exit quarantine.

What This Means for Spring Move-In

Students may satisfy the New York State Travel Advisory quarantine requirements with friends or family in New York State. Ithaca College strongly encourages you to self-quarantine at home for 14 days and obtain a negative COVID-19 test prior to traveling to your New York State quarantine location so that you protect the health of your friends or family.

For those students who cannot make their own quarantine arrangements within New York, the college will be able to provide a limited number of quarantine rooms on campus for residential students from non-contiguous states, U.S. Territories, or CDC Level 2 or higher countries. The request form to quarantine on campus will be made available shortly. Space is not guaranteed.

Beginning on Thursday, Jan. 7, and continuing for each of the next three Thursdays, 100 students per week will have the opportunity to arrive on campus for their 3-day quarantine (for a total of 400 students).

Emerson Hall will serve as the primary quarantine housing space, since it has private bedrooms and bathrooms. Once they complete 3-day quarantine and test negative via our on-campus testing process, residential students will then move into their regular assigned housing.

Important: NY Traveler Health Form

Anyone arriving from a non-contiguous state, U.S. Territory, or CDC Level 2 or higher country must also complete New York’s Traveler Health Form.

(While travelers from contiguous states are not subject to the quarantine requirements, the Travel Advisory specifically discourages all non-essential travel to these states.)

Additional Quarantine Info

Ithaca College is not able to accommodate residential students who are unable to obtain testing within their own state or country prior to travel. Students in this category will be required to quarantine for 10 days for asymptomatic individuals to satisfy the New York State Travel Advisory and must make alternative arrangements at their own cost.

Students in non-contiguous states, U.S. territories, and CDC Level 2 or higher countries will receive an email from the college the week of November 16, requesting that they verify their quarantine plans and, for residential students, requesting that they apply for an on-campus quarantine space if they need one.

Suggestions for Quarantine

For useful advice to get ready to isolate, be sure to read "Ease the Anxiety of Isolation or Quarantine by Preparing Now," a recent column by IC's director of public health emergency preparedness.