Task Force Subgroups

Learn more about the ten subgroups whose review of specific critical areas and guidance informed the official plan for a safe and responsible return to campus.

Task Force Subgroups & Chairs

Christina Moylan, Associate Dean, School of Health Sciences & Human Performance
Andy Watts, Assistant Professor, Roy H. Park School of Communications

The Academic and Classroom Planning sub-committee is responsible for developing guidelines for a safe return to the learning environment including making recommendations about class scheduling, classroom size and set up, appropriate use of remote learning, guidelines for both on- and off-campus instruction (including internships, service, learning, clinical experiences, and international travel).  


  • Logan Chaput 
  • Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson 
  • Rob Gearhart 
  • Belisa Gonzalez 
  • Andrew Hogan 
  • Dawn Kline 
  • Vikki Levine 
  • Sean Linfors 
  • Brendan Murday 
  • Sean Reid 
  • Emily Rockett 
  • Rachel Schutz 
  • John Sigg 
  • Melanie Stein 
  • Catherine Weidner 
  • Ivy Walz
  • David Weil 
  • Debbie Wuest 
  • Jim Yaggie 
  • Stacia Zabusky 

Susan Bassett, Associate Vice President & Director of Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreational Sports
Mike Matheny, Clinical Professor, Exercise Science and Athletic Training

The Athletics and Recreational Sports sub-committee will review health and safety issues as related to varsity athletics including safety for athletes, officials, athletic trainers, and fans.  Health and Safety implications of recreational sports activities, fitness center usage, pool access, and other athletic venue utilization will also be reviewed.  


  • Vic Brown 
  • Phil Garin 
  • Andrew Getzin 
  • Mike Matheny 
  • Sean Reilley 
  • Erienne Roberts 
  • Will Rothermel 
  • Tim Ryan 
  • Ellyn Sellers-Selin  

David Prunty, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services, Finance & Administration   

Sybil Conrad, Director, Campus Center, Student Affairs and Campus Life

The Campus Dining sub-committee will be responsible for developing plans to providing dining services to students, faculty and staff on-campus; for developing processes and procedures that will maintain appropriate social distancing in resident dining facilities; and for processes and procedures designed to safeguard the health of customers and dining staff.


  • Reginald Briggs 
  • Sybil Conrad 
  • Amy Frith 
  • Tara Gianfrate 
  • Fernando Gualtieri 
  • Ryan Kehoe 
  • Julia Lapp 
  • Rebecca Sexton 
  • Scott McWilliams 

Michele Lenhart, Director of Student Engagement, Student Affairs & Campus Life.                           
Margie Malepe, Director of Conference and Event Services, Finance & Administration  

The Campus Programming/Events and Student Engagement sub-committee will plan for health and safety guidelines related to campus activities and programs coordinated by students, faculty and staff; set guidelines for appropriate student engagement protocols; develop plans to educate the campus community on appropriate health and safety protocol; and work to develop the appropriate rules, regulations and enforcement strategies to ensure adherence to safety protocols.


  • Peter Alario 
  • Sybil Conrad 
  • Jerome Fung 
  •  Phil Garin 
  •  Mary Holland-Bavis 
  • Nancy Reynolds 
  • Steve Ten Eyck 

Melissa Gattine, Executive Director of Marketing Strategy, Marketing and Enrollment Strategy  
Bob Wagner, Chief Communications Officer, Office of the President  

The Communications sub-committee is responsible for all communications about re-opening to campus community members; to other interested parties; and to the media.  Communications will oversee campus mass emails, social media, and web presence for all information related to reopening activities. 


  • Patrick Bohn 
  • Dave Cameron 
  • Danica Fisher 
  • Wendy Hankle 
  • Kyle Hornyak 
  • Natalie Jenereski 
  • Anna Kimble 
  • Jennifer MacKenzie 
  • David Maley 
  •  Robin Roger 

Brian Petersen, Director of Counseling & Psychological Services, Student Affairs & Campus Life  
Dr. Ellyn Sellers-Selin, Medical Director, Student Affairs & Campus Life

The Counseling, Health and Wellness sub-group will be assessing all aspects of health and safety in regard to students accessing services in the Hammond Health Center.


  • Melissa Dhundale 
  • Sarah Friga 
  • Michelle Holt 
  • Laura Keefe 
  • Sasha Lerner 
  • Luca Maurer 
  • Bonnie Prunty 
  • Nancy Reynolds 
  • May Yeelin 

Faculty/Staff Integration Committee (sub-committee of CHW Services)

  • Nancy Reynolds 
  • Luca Maurer 
  • Rachel Wagner 
  • Ivy Walz 
  • Katie Marks 
  • Linda Koenig 

Jonathan Ablard,  Associate Professor and Latin American Studies Coordinator, History
Doreen Hettich-Atkins, Director of Strategic Planning and Administration, Student Affairs and Campus Life

The Educating for Social Responsibility sub-committee will focus on communicating and educating Ithaca College community members about health and safety expectations and social norms to be practiced as we return to campus.


  • Sam Elebiary
  • Darius Elmore '21
  • Danica Fisher
  • John Fracchia
  • John Graves
  • Hilary Greenberger
  • Joanie Groome
  • Natalie Jenereski
  • Ari Kissiloff
  • Te-Wen Lo
  • Pam Mackesey
  • Abigail Murtha '22
  • Erienne Roberts
  • Mark Ross
  • Jackson Short '21

Tim Carey, Associate Vice President for Facilities, Finance & Administration  

The Facilities Management sub-committee is responsible for ensuring that the campus is meeting personal protective equipment (PPE) safety requirements, that appropriate barriers are available to ensure safety, that appropriate cleaning schedules are communicated and maintained, that signage is available to reinforce messages about health and safety practices, that public spaces are set up to encourage safe personal distances, and that all contractors and vendors are aware of and are following health and safety measures. 


  • Beth Ellen Clark Joseph 
  • Julie Dorsey 
  • Phil Garin 
  • Marc Israel 
  • Ernie McClatchie 
  • Ernie Nichols 
  • Emily Rockett 
  • Mark Ross 
  • Tim Ryan
  • Mary Scheidegger 
  • Karen Witek 

Michelle Hammond, Associate Director of Talent Acquisitions, Human Resources & Planning  
Brad Hougham, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Academic Affairs  

The Faculty and Staff Return to Work sub-committee is responsible for developing return to work health and safety guidelines. These guidelines may include recommendations for flexible work arrangements, accommodations made for employees with high risk factors or family situations that may preclude a full-time return to campus, and recommendations for professional development or research travel. 


  • Mary Bentley
  • Julie Blumberg 
  • Mary Ann Erickson 
  • Mike Garrett 
  • Drew Hammond 
  • Jean Hardwick 
  • M. Horsley 
  • Dawn Kline 
  • Kayla Lepkowski 
  • Janice Levy 
  • Deb Merriman 
  • Jennifer Muller 
  • Elyse Nepa 
  • Shaianne Osterreich 
  • Judith Pena-Shaff 
  • Emily Rockett 
  • Alison Shields 
  • Melanie Stein 
  • Tom Swensen 
  • Baruch Whitehead 
  • Cory Young 

Marsha Dawson, Director of Residential Life & Judicial Affairs, Student Affairs & Campus Life 
Bonnie Prunty, Dean of Students, Student Affairs & Campus Life  

The housing and residential life sub-committee will review all aspects of health and safety involving student move-in, housing assignments, and social distancing in the residence halls including bathroom sharing and social programming.  


  • Kari Brossard Stoos 
  • Darius Cureton 
  • Laura Davis
  • Phil Garin
  • Emmy LoBrutto 
  • Christina Moylan 
  • Katie Newcomb 
  • Beth O’Neill 
  • Jenny Pickett 
  • Sara Rodrigues
  • Ellyn Sellers-Selin 
  • Samm Swartz 
  • Ron Trunzo