Isolation & Quarantine During the Summer

Isolation and quarantine are important public health tools that are being used to minimize the spread of COVID-19 within our community. COVID-positive individuals will be isolated, and are expected to fully participate in contact tracing efforts and prevention measures to identify any individuals who may be close contacts. Individuals who are determined to be close contacts of COVID-19 positive individuals are expected to quarantine and comply with all instructions from the Tompkins County Health Department.

Residential Students

Students residing in any college residential halls or apartments (including Gardens or Circles) must complete isolation and quarantine in Emerson Hall, even if you are the only individual in the room or apartment. You may not remain in your residential hall or apartment. 

Camps and Clinics

Participants in summer camps and clinics who test positive, or are close contacts of those who test positive, will be relocated temporarily to Emerson Hall under the supervision of our Care Manager staff or other college personnel while awaiting pickup by parents, guardians, or designated family members. 

Emerson Hall Isolation and Quarantine

For more information about Emerson Hall, our on-campus location for isolation and quarantine, please review this webpage.

Off-Campus Students

Ithaca College does not provide isolation or quarantine housing for off-campus students. 

Off campus students must isolate or quarantine in their off campus living arrangement, or make separate arrangements for where isolation or quarantine will occur. Residence halls on campus are not available for off campus student isolation or quarantine and Tompkins County does not pay for or provide isolation or quarantine facilities for students.

Students should prepare in advance for the possibility of having to isolate or quarantine. More information for students in independent living arrangements is available on Off Campus Living webpage.