My Semester in SoCal

My Semester in SoCal

The lowdown on classes, internships, and my adventures in the ICLA Program by Colleen Wormsley '13

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caines arcade

In never ceases to amaze me how the people in the field of communications can make a difference, even if it's in the life of a nine-year-old boy in East LA. 

If you haven't heard the inspiring story of Caine's Arcade, here's a quick summary:

Nine-year-old Caine Monroy spent last summer building elaborate arcade games using cardboard boxes from his dad's auto parts store. Every weekend, he would sit in front of his father's store waiting for someone to come play one of his games, but no one ever stopped to play.

Not until one day last fall when filmmaker Nirvan Mullick visited Smart Parts Auto to buy a door handle for his '96 Corolla and discovered Caine sitting in front of his father's auto shop. Nirvan was impressed by the boy's creativity and bought a "fun pass" (500 plays for 2 dollars, what a deal!) to play at Caine's Arcade. Nirvan was inspired to share Caine's story and created a short documentary, which quickly went viral and gained the attention of many major news outlets. 

After watching the documentary, I had to see Caine's Arcade for myself. This weekend, a few of my friends and I drove to Smart Parts Auto, bought fun passes, and played the cardboard arcade games. I was so impressed with how well they were designed and was so excited when I won a stuffed tiger from Caine's homemade claw machine!

To read more about Caine's Arcade, visit

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I can't believe how the semester flew by! Tomorrow, I'll be saying goodbye to my coworkers at GOOD, and in about a week, I'll be heading back to the east coast.

During my last week at my internship, I had the chance to sit down and talk to some of my co-workers and talk about how they got to their current position and the advice they would give to current students. Here are some wise words of wisdom for future interns:

  • Don't ever hesitate. Always offer to help and lend your skills to contribute to whatever needs to be done. Learning comes from doing and you should take advantage of all of the opportunities that you can.
  • Know the space of the field you're interested in. Keep up with news in the field. Talk to people who are experienced in the field. If you keep up with what's going on in the field, then you'll be one step ahead of the game. 
  • Keep in touch with the connections you make. The people you meet at your internship can be extremely helpful in the future, but only if you stay in contact with them. Make sure you send an e-mail every once in a while to keep the connection strong.
  • Don't be afraid to speak up. If you think you have valuable contributions and ideas, then say something! 
  • A good attitude never goes unnoticed. If you come into work everyday with a positive attitude and you're willing to work hard, your co-workers will notice and appreciate it.

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