Have a pile of scripts you've written but they're just sitting on your hard drive? Looking to shoot a CP2 or an ACP but don't have any ideas? WPA is a great place for writers to workshop their scripts and for production students to get access to the talented writers that IC has to offer.

Ithaca College's Writing for Production Association (WPA) is an organization designed to help students brainstorm, edit, workshop, and share scripts for production. All students - even those who aren't screenwriting/scriptwriting concentrations - are welcome and urged to bring in their own work for critique. In meetings, members do table reads of student work, giving writers the chance to ask any questions and receive advice from other students. It also serves as a forum for students to pitch new ideas and receive feedback on potential projects.

The object of this group is to bring together screenwriting and scriptwriting students with production students and to give everyone the opportunity to get the most out of their time at the Park School. First and foremost, WPA gives students an environment where they can learn from each other and get a feeling for what professional colleague critiques are like in the industry. Increasingly, WPA gives production students the chance to concentrate on making their films instead of having to worry about the nuances of script structure. It also allows writing students to see their words come to life and experience working with production crews.

When a student is happy with their script they will have the option to upload it to the script database, where students in production classes will be encouraged to look for scripts for their own productions.

WPA has had the opportunity to help on such projects as Out With A Bang, an ACP Fiction comedy by Christian Ames ('13); Wintersmith, a dramatic, action-packed thesis by Bryant Francis ('12); and Adelaide, a short drama that won the 2010 David Ames Award written by Angela Wong ('12).

If you have any questions feel free to email the group at IthacaWPA@gmail.com.

We hope to work on your project in the future!

WPA Flyer
Script Bank

To access the CPMA Script Bank, click here and follow instructions. Remember, if you wish to use one of these scripts for your production, you are required to seek the permission of the author. Enjoy!