Joshua Bonnetta presents three new works at the 2017 Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival)

Associate Professor Joshua Bonnetta will present three new works at the 2017 Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival) taking place from Feb. 9-19.

Lago, developed in response to former Associate Professor Ron Jude's photo book Lago, is a multichannel sound installation of two compositions comprised of field recordings collected in the Sonoran Desert. The work will be accompanied with a 4-channel video installation Land of Thin Air. These two works will be exhibited for the duration of the festival in the Marshall McLuhan Salon at the Canadian Embassy. Land of Thin Air was co-edited with current Ithaca College student Jacob Schaffel-Scherrer.

El Mar La Mar is a feature length film co-directed with Northwestern University Assistant Professor John-Paul Sniadecki. The film is explores at a highly politicized area of the south-western Sonoran desert along a stretch of the Mexico/US border.

The sound design for the El Mar La Mar and dialogue editing for Lago was created in collaboration with Ithaca College alumnus Josh Berger.

These projects were created with the generous support from the Center for Faculty Research and Development, The Park School and The Pendleton Research, and Professional Development Grant.