Young Alumni Profiles

Maura Gladys '11Maura Gladys '11
Producer and writer, KickTV

By Alyssa C. Frey '14

An avid soccer fan and a member of the Park Scholar program, Maura Gladys ’11 kicked her way to success after graduating from IC’s journalism program with a minor in sports studies.

Throughout and after college, Gladys specialized in soccer news and reporting. This was an outlet for her writing skills and sports knowledge. Gladys started as a journalism major from her first day at Ithaca College, learning many things along the journey.

“I learned how to critically approach storytelling, to be dogged and persistent in my work, to be open-minded to all potential opportunities, to collaborate and work with people who don’t always see eye to eye,” Gladys replied when asked what she learned in the college’s journalism program that comes in handy at her job.

Gladys currently works at KickTV, a collaborative soccer webseries endeavor from Google, Soccer United Marketing and Bedrocket Media Ventures. KickTV airs solely on YouTube, airing original packages for the Internet community. Gladys works at KickTV as a producer, writer and assistant. Additionally, Gladys also freelances for several soccer websites, including The Shin Guardian and American Soccer Now.

Previous to KickTV, Gladys worked in the digital media department at the U.S. Olympic Committee. There, she produced videos, managed the Committee’s social media outlets, helped develop Team USA’s first mobile and tablet application and wrote for Gladys started at the Committee in September 2011.

Gladys’ experiences at college extracurriculars like Imprint Magazine and ICTV and off-campus internships and freelance jobs like The Ithaca Journal and the college’s Olympics internship prepared her for the media workforce and aided her in finding a full-time job.

“My internships that I did in college, all of which focused on sport, the field I knew I wanted to pursue, helped me once I graduated,” Gladys said. “I was lucky because I knew the field I wanted to pursue early on, so instead of spending freshman and sophomore years trying a wide variety of activities, I was able to settle on a few key activities… and all of that added up over my four years to a robust sports media experience.”

Gladys noted that minoring in sports studies added to her résumé when applying for jobs after graduation.

“While it started out just for enjoyment, it ended up being extremely beneficial to my career,” Gladys said.

Current journalism students should know that they will have to work harder and be smarter than they did and were in college, Gladys added when asked what a current journalism student should take with them from the college’s journalism program.

“Ithaca does a great job of inspiring classes of journalists to pursue their passion, and lays the foundation for that pursuit,” Gladys said. “But, by no means will you know everything coming out of college, and a lot of work and dedication must go on top of that foundation.”

“Be realistic be persistent in your goals,” Gladys said. “You will have to work really, really hard, and you will question more than once if this is what you really want to do. But if something is your passion, then you owe it to yourself to pursue it.”

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