Carly Gill '13Carly Gill '13
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Carly is currently interning for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as well as Imagine Entertainment.  At the Ellen show she is frequently asked by audience members and fans "How did you get this gig!?"  It is very fulfilling because even on her toughest days, she is constantly reminded how many people want to be in her shoes.  At the Ellen internship, they rotate through positions in five departments: human interest, web, audience, research and production.  She is very excited about production, which is her final rotation, but is glad to be seeing all the various parts of the show.  Along with the rotation, her supervisor speaks to each intern about their interests and places you in additional departments accordingly.  For her, this was the talent booking department.  When she has free time, she spends it with pre-interviews and booking of the talent that come on the show.  Mostly she answers the phones and covers desks of the talent bookers and is learning a lot about this process.  She's talked to P. Diddy and Daniel Radcliffe on the phone and her first phone call ever was from Brad Pitt's agent.  Needless to say, celebrities are constantly around and basically become second nature, especially Ellen herself.  It's very exciting working for a place full of celebrities and with a 5-show week.  It's high paced and very exciting.  Ellen has high expectations and that's why her show is so great.  So when people ask her "how did you get this gig,?" she always remembers how grateful she is that Ithaca College has helped her obtain such an amazing opportunity, with connections and a Los Angeles campus.  With experience from day 1, she was able to build a strong resume that is competitive in Los Angeles and have the skills necessary for competitive internships like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Imagine Television.

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