2011 Contest


First Place: Grogg
Sam Patton, Michael Belmonte, Andrew Inglin, Anna Rosenblatt, Jesse Dacri

Second Place: Aisle 9 Clean-up
Kyle Begley, Brad Andrews, Travis Libin, Ian Ruben-Schnirman

Third Place: Appliance Alliance
Josh Rimmey, Matt Feminella, Zach Williams, Chris Fatta, Dylan Endyke

Parkie 100: Knobs Have Feelings Too
Jared Bassett-Kirta, Andrew Sklanski, Katherine Blidy, Jesse Cases

Judges for the 2011 competition were: Bill Carraro '81, award-winning executive producer; Dan Heffner '78, producer of the Saw movie franchise; Peter Johanns, associate professor and manager of ICTV, Department of Television–Radio; and Karen Rodriguez, lecturer, Department of Cinema, Photography, and Media Arts.