Independent/Progressive Media Internships

Work by PCIM Interns

Sampling of Work by PCIM Interns, Summer '17

PETER CHAMPELLI ’20 reporting for Insider Louisville A Picture of Bad Health(4-part series on public health)

EVAN POPP ’18 interned at and wrote pieces for The Progressive

CELISA CALACAL ’18  interned at and wrote pieces for AlterNet

CHRISTIAN SAVINI ’17 co-produced short films for Stone Soup Films in D.C., including:
Minds Incorporated: James Madison High School” and “Washington Revels


Sampling of Work by PCIM Interns, Summer '16

KWAME ACHEAMPONG ’16  reporting  for WRFI-community radio

Racism and the Rise of Donald Trump

Two Area Farmers Keep Their Heads Above Water During the Drought


Mosaic special: A review of the world’s reactions to the U.S. presidential election


Sampling of Work by PCIM Interns, Summer '15

KATELYN HARROP '16 at Think Progress

Rick Perry, Hunting Trips, and the "Good Ol' Boy" Political System

Obama Administration's Ambitious Plan to Tackle HIV Rates

NFL Bankrolls Legal Defense of "Redskins" Trademark

Native American Communities Get Government Boost Toward Climate Resilience

Bobby Jindal Blurs Lines Between Policy and Religion

Twelve Presidential Candidates Respond to Charleston Shooting

Court Holds Sikh Student May Enroll in ROTC Without Removing His Turban or Cutting His Hair

Azerbaijan Cracks Down on Press in Advance of First Ever European Games

This Oregon County Completely Banned GMO Foods. Here's Why That's Good for the Environment

Oregon is Taking Big Steps to improve Women's Access to Birth Control

EVAN POPP '18 at Common Dreams

Hillary Clinton Is No Progressive


Lizzie McGuire, Eating Disorders, and Me

New Bill Could Make College Investigations Harder for Victims of Sexual Assault

Alabama Tried to Deny Woman Abortion By Giving Fetus an Attorney

Sandra Bland's Suspicious Jail Death Seems Hard to Believe

Journalist Marlene Sanders Passes Away, Leaving a Groundbreaking Legacy for Women on TV

70,000 Rape Kits Are Untested in the United States

Good News: Female Genital Mutilation Is Banned in Nigeria

Teenage Girl Detainments Are Increasing -- But Not Because They're Committing Crimes

The Student Activists Behind Barnard College's Decision to Admit Trans Women

If Men Menstruated .  . .

Nine Mary Ellen Mark Photos That Changed the Way We See the World

Jon Stewart Mocks the Media's Caitlyn Jenner Coverage: "Welcome to Being a Woman in America"

Seven Disturbing Sexual Assault Facts Straight from College Campuses

Emily Blunt Takes a Stand on Cannes "No Flats" Policy

Five Feminist News Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Here's What You Need to Know about the Proposed 20-week Abortion Ban

Emily Blunt Takes a Stand on Cannes "No Flats" Policy


Some Things Considered, Mostly By White Men: Study of NPR Commentators Shows a Retreat from Diversity— and Politics

CHRISTINA TUDOR '17 at YP4 (People for the American Way)

The Criminal (In)Justice System

The Supreme Court Steps in to Save Texas's Abortion Clinics

Hobby Lobby: One Year Later

The American Constitution Society Convention: A Reflection


Sampling of Work by PCIM Interns, Summer '14

JESSICA CORBETT ’15 at In These Times

"Princeton Mom" Tells Fox Viewers to Forget Feminism and Satisfy Their Husbands

GMO Domino Effect: Four states to go, and a cascade of food labeling laws will take effect

Canadian Court Calls Foul on Walmart Closing

The Verdict: Board Votes to Close 50 Chicago Public Schools

New Super PAC Has Ties to Koch Brothers

North Carolina Passes Fracking Secrecy Law

MAYA CUEVA ’15 at WRFI Community Radio

Radio interview about mental health services in the aftermath of a community tragedy

Interview with artist Whitney Ledesma

Overview of community opposition to proposed $900,000 expansion of the Tompkins County Jail

KATELYN HARROP '16 at WRFI Community Radio

Radio interview with Ithaca Times reporter about her story on the explosion of heroin use in Ithaca.

NBC and Edward Snowden: Brian Williams Interview Yields Praise and Criticism

SARA McCLOSKEY '15 at Madre

One Woman's Stand against Corruption in Guatemala

MAX OCEAN ’15 at Common Dreams

California: 39 Women Prisoners Were Sterilized Without Their Consent

Oklahoma Death Row Prisoners Say Their Execution Would Be Unconstitutional Following Botched Killing

Amazon: U.S. Scientists, Oil Giant Maxus Energy Stole Indigenous Blood

Chilean Students Face Down Tear Gas and Water Cannons in Protest Against “Inadequate” Education Reform


What the Fork (WTF) collaboration about GMOs and corporate money in agribusiness

JAMIE SWINNERTON ’15 at Westword magazine (Denver)

Marijuana: KC Stark on the MMJ Business Academy and the Silicon Valley of pot

Colorado Cannabis Summit — and how the pot biz is like Game of Thrones (story/photos)

City announces parking education campaign, moratorium on some tickets

Bike to Work Wednesday: finding satisfaction — and strange stuff — on the road (story/photos)

Knowledge Is Power: Muralist Ratha Sok’s new work, created with students

CU Denver Digital Creation Lab shows off at Denver Comic Con


Sampling of Work by PCIM Interns, Summer '13

TIM BIDON '14 in The Indypendent

Protesters Challenge Kissinger Role in "Preserving Freedom and Democracy"

Students Confront Sallie Mae Shareholders

No Rent Freeze for NYC Tenants

Victory with a Grain of Salt (commentary)

Anger and Fear about Zimmerman Verdict in Hunts Point, Bronx

How Sandy Has Changed the Game in Coney Island

JOHN BRUNETT '15 at Palo Alto Weekly (a sampling)

Palo Alto VA aims to curb deaths from sepsis

EcoCenter's program introduces kids to the Baylands

At 90, Palo Altan looks back on service, philanthropy

Stanford team unveils solar car for race in Australia

Building's Booming

REBECCA HELLMICH '14 for FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)

How Many Iraqis Died in the Iraq War? in TruthOut

Who Dies in Yemen Drone Strikes? in Common Dreams
Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Powerful interests are often pundits’ real bosses with Peter Hart in FAIR Extra!

EMILY MASTERS '16 at the Indypendent:

Author page
Fracking and 'The Grassroots': An Interview With Tom Wilber
Anti-Fracking Protest at Cuomo Fundraiser Calls for NY Ban
Author page

Press Latched On to Snowden's 'Dropout' Status

NYT Public Editor Joins Critics of Hastings Obit
The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of a White Male 'Mainstream'


No Hero, No Budget: Restrictive Abortion Provisions in Ohio Budget

No Laughing Matter: Comedians Gave More Time Than News Shows to Climate Speech


Sampling of Work by PCIM Interns, Summer '12

KALEY BELVAL '15 at E/The Environmental Magazine (subscription needed to view some articles in full) 

For the Birds: Actress and Audobon Supporter Jane Alexander

Rethinking Brand Loyalty, book review of Ethical Chic by Fran Hawthorne

Green Job Hunting: Matching Your Skills with available green jobs

Fight of the Mountain People, book review of Stand Up That Mountain by Jay Erskine Leutze

Scaling Down, book review of The Resilience Imperative by Michael Lewis and Pat Conaty

TIM BIDON '14 at City Limits

Queens Residents Pumped Up Over Flooding

KACEY DEAMER '13 at Mother Jones

"Short Takes" - Synopsis of the documentary The Waiting Room

Study: Raising MPG Standards Creates Jobs

Film Review: Brave Will Leave You Bored

From Sherwood Forest to Wall Street: The Robin Hood Tax Campaign Comes to America

Global Obesity Weighs on Resource Requirements

Report: Rhode Island Is the Fastest-Warming State

Happy Planet Measurement Has U.S. at the Bottom

Scientists: Climate Change Causing Green Life to Bloom Under Arctic Ice

Breaking: World Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Are Recent Animal Disease Outbreaks Linked?

Indonesia's Ambitious Rainforest Plan Not Going So Well

L.A. Bans Plastic Bags. Is Your Town Next?

MEGAN DEVLIN '13 at Global Exchange

New Report on Rights of Nature Confronts the ‘Greed’ Economy Agenda at Rio+20 (cowritten) 

A chance for youth to “right” a sustainable future

What do Rights of Nature Mean to Global Exchange? (video)

Hydrofracking: Our right to say ‘No’ (video)

Leaving Global Exchange with New Global Perspectives (Global Exchange blog post)


Media Not Concerned About the Very Poor: Study finds poverty not an issue in most election coverage

(written with Steve Rendall in the September 2012 issue of Extra!, the magazine of FAIR, and widely reprinted, including by AlterNet and CommonDreams)


Sampling of Work by PCIM Interns, Summer '11



Deficit-Obsessed Media Misinform on Causes (with Steve Rendall)

ADAM POLASKI '12 at Bilerico

Adam wrote so many stories for Bilerico, where he continues as a contributor. See them here.

TAYLOR LONG '13 at In These Times

200,000 Tell Obama: We Won't Donate if You Cut Safety Net

More than 100,000 Agree with Senator Sanders: The Wealthy Must Pay Their Fair Share

LA Unions Rally to Support Grocery Workers

At 42nd Annual Pride Parade, Plenty to Celebrate (story and slideshow)

Environmentalists to NY Gov. Cuomo: Think Long and Hard before Lifting Frack Ban

Corporations Gotta Pay! Audio and Visuals from the Stand Up! Chicago Rally

Organizers Work with Businesses to Prevent Wage Theft

KRISTY ZHEN '13 at The Indypendent

How Radical Gardens Grow

Local Events Weekly Calendar


Sampling of Work by PCIM Interns, Summer '10



Hydrofracking for Natural Gas” (7/22/10 – with Sarah Friedland, assisted by IC’s Rebecca Coffman)


Move That Game: Boycotting Arizona” (7/15/10)

MELANIE BREAULT '11 at The Nation

"Credit Unions Help Students See the Light, Not the Red" (8/3/10)

"Upcoming George W. Bush Memoir Eagerly Embraced bythe Democrats?" (Media Fix blog, 8/2/10)

"Obama on The View, Survives Mockery by Palin, Colbert, Fox News" (Media Fix blog, 7/29/10)

"StudentNation: Making an Educated Investment" (7/27/10)

Actually Getting There Is Only Half the Battle” (7/14/10) 

Gulf Oil Leak Causing ‘Doomsday’” (Media Fix blog, 7/13/10)


"Honduras Down the Memory Hole" (Extra!, August 2010)

“Burqa Ban: Coverage of a Law to ‘Free” Women Leaves Them Voiceless” 7/16/10




"City Expands East River & Long Island Sound Cleanup Effort" (8/12/10)

"Hasidic Rapper Promotes Racial Harmony in Crown Heights" (8/5/10)

"How Much Stimulus Money Went to Low Income Areas?" (8/4/10)

"Did Environmentalist Back Arizona's SB1070?" (8/2/10) 

"Electric Car Infrastructure Coming to NYC" (7/19/10)

"Behind the Scenes of an Eviction" (7/16/10)

"Opponents Mobilize Against New Harlem Charter School" (7/16/10)

"City Agencies Uneven on Voter Registration Push" (7/14/10)

Most Oil Heaters Will Get Cleaner, But Dirtiest Won’t” (6/29/2010)

High Hopes for Paterson’s Immigrant Pardon Panel” (6/23/2010)

SHERRY SHEN '11 at HuffingtonPost Business

"Rags to Riches: 10 Self-Made CEOs Who Started with Nothing," 8/4/10

Barry Ritholtz: Housing Prices Are Still Too High,” 6/30/2010

The Most Unexpectedly Profitable Celebrity Businesses,” 6/28/2010

Other blog contributions here


"Who Gets to Review, and Be Reviewed?" with Steve Rendall (Extra!, August 2010)

Howard Kurtz Defends His Defense of Fox in Sherrod Debacle” (8/4/10)

"Drilling Disasters Can't Happen Here" (sidebar to "Still Drill, Baby—Despite Spill") (Extra!, July 2010)

"Sherrod Hoax Exposed, but Breitbart's ACORN Fraud Lives On" (7/23/10)

Sherrod Story Raides Question: How Many Breitbart Frauds Will Media Fall For?,” 7/21/10

REBECCA WEBSTER '11 at, online home of E, The Environmental Magazine:
A dozen reports on green topics: renewable energy, oceans, chemicals, legislation, etc.


Sampling of Work by PCIM Interns, Summer '09


ALEX BARBONE '11 / MELANIE BREAULT '11 video for GritTV on Free Speech TV:
Solidarity with the Iranian people, 6/18/09; State of Journalism Today, 6/24/09

JULIA DUNN '11 articles and blogposts for The Indypendent (NYC)

ALYSSA FIGUERO '12 at Philadelphia Weekly: “Wharton’s ‘Warcraft’ Professor”, 8/17/09; “Protest Against Inky Coverage of Honduras” (Article & video), 7/30/09

CHRIS GIBLIN '11 (and Sam Alcoff) video for GritTV on Free Speech TV: Iran Protest in New York City, 6/09

JACQUIE SIMONE '11  articles and blogposts  for The Indypendent (NYC)


Sampling of Work by PCIM Interns, Summer '08


Article by DAN HAACK '10 for the Center for Media and Democracy: “The Pentagon’s Most Prolific Pundit



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