Selected US Independent Media

This list does not purport to include all independent U.S. outlets worth highlighting, but it does illustrate the rich and varied landscape in the independent (non-conglomerate) media sector.


Center for Public Integrity – “original investigative journalism” since 1989

Consortium News – independent investigative journalism since 1995”

ProPublica – foundation-funded “journalism in the public interest"

DAILY GENERAL NEWS – news and entertainment website with original investigative stories, breaking news, essays, blogs


Fair Observer -- Nonprofit outlet that "aims to inform andeducate global citizens of today and tomorrow"


The Media Consortium is “a network of the country’s leading progressive, independent media outlets” with several dozen members, including:

· Alternet – "online community with original journalism” plus “the best of hundreds of other independent media sources"

· The American Prospect – print/online magazine offering “liberal intelligence”

· The American Independent News Network – "impactt journalism that not only covers the news but shapes it”

· Mother Jones# – "investigative, political, and social justice reporting"

· The Nation – "a really critical spirit" since 1865

· The Progressive – "peace and social justice since 1909”

· Talking Points Memo – "original reporting on government and politics"

· Truthdig – “drilling beneath the headlines”

· Truthout – “independent voices, under-covered issues”

· The Uptake – "Will journalism be done by you or to you?"

· Washington Monthly – "what really matters in Washington"

* * *

CommonDreams – “breaking news and views for the progressive community”

CounterPunch – "radical muckracking" web and print newsletter

Dissident Voice – "in the struggle for peace and social justice"

ShadowProof – "journalism, analysis and commentary relentlessly focused on . . . pervasive injustices [and] inappropriate control exerted by institutions of power"

Toward Freedom – online magazine that "advances movements for human rights, peace, justice and enlightenment"

Z Magazine / ZNet – "dedicated to resisting injustice”


The American Conservative – opinion magazine cofounded by Patrick Buchanan

National Review – “America's most widely read and influential magazine and web site for Republican/conservative news, commentary”


Brave New Films – "championing social justice issues; moving images to . . . empower viewers to take action” TMC

Democracy Now!– daily TV/radio news program hosted by Amy Goodman/Juan Gonzalez on 850+ stations, “largest public media collaboration in US”

Free Speech TV – "progressive and independent TV/multimedia network" TMC

The Laura Flanders Show – "in-depth interviews, field reports, and commentary distributed weekly” (syndicated) TMC

Link TV – "television without borders" TV channel TMC

Real News Network – viewer-sponsored reporting on national/global issues TMC

The Young Turks (TYT Network) – online news show covering politics, economics, pop culture, social trends and lifestyle TMC


Alternative Radio – weekly one-hour progressive show featuring speeches and in-depth interviews

CounterSpin– weekly half-hour media-watch program from FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting; full disclosure: FAIR was founded by PCIM director Jeff Cohen)

Free Speech Radio News – "daily half-hour progressive newscast owned and managed by news reporters" TMC

Hightower Commentary – populist Jim Hightower's daily two-minute commentaries

Inquiring Minds – free podcast offering weekly "in-depth exploration of the place where science, politics, and society collide"

Making Contact – weekly half-hour documentary-style public affairs program TMC

Pacifica – "listener-supported community radio network” owning 5 stations

Thom Hartmann Program – daily “news, opinion, debate” TMC

INDY PRINT (newspapers, magazines, newsletters; also online)

Adbusters – "journal of the mental environment"

Dissent magazine – "quarterly magazine of politics and ideas" TMC

Harper's magazine – the nation's "oldest general interest monthly" on politics, society, environment, culture

Hightower Lowdown – monthly populist newsletter from Texan Jim Hightower TMC

The Indypendent – “a free paper for free people”

In These Times – "newsmagazine committed to political and economic democracy” TMC

Ode magazine – “positive news about the people and ideas that are changing our world”

The Sun – “personal, political, provocative, ad-free” monthly with long interview, nonfiction, fiction, poetry, photographs and reader-submitted thematic writing

Washington Spectator – biweekly bulletin offering “behind the scenes insight”

Yes! magazine – "solution-oriented journalism covering peace, justice and sustainability” TMC


Black Agenda Report – "news, analylsis, and commentary from the Black left"

New America Media is “a nationwide association of over 3,000 ethnic media organizations,” mostly independent, including

– "journalism in service to racial justice" TMC

News Taco – "the Latino daily"

Voices of NY – “best of the community and ethnic media”


CorpWatch – "holding corporations accountable"

Dollars & Sense – "real world economics"

Economic Hardship Reporting Project - “reporting on economic struggles in 'unseen America’ ”

Economic Update with Professor Richard D. Wolff – the current economic state plus "alternative ways to organize enterprises, markets, and government policies" (audio)

Left Business Observer – "accumulation and its discontents"

Multinational Monitor – (archived; 2009 and earlier) monthly magazine examining multinational corporations

SourceWatch – a project of the Center for Media and Democracy that tracks "corporate front groups, PR firms, 'experts,' industry-friendly groups…”


America Blog – "a blog about gay politics in the USA and the world"

Bitch magazine – feminist "commentary on our media-driven world”

Feminist Magazine – "news, views, politics, culture . . . with a feminist perspective" – "young feminists blogging, organizing, kicking ass" TMC

51 Percent – public radio show on "women’s issues" and "topics that concern us all”

Ms. Magazine – "more than a magazine — a movement" TMC

Women's eNews – “nonprofit daily Internet-based news service”


Columbia Journalism Review – "encourages and stimulates excellence in journalism in the service of a free society”

FAIR/Extra!, “offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship" (full disclosure: founded by PCIM director Jeff Cohen)


Audubon magazine – "where nature enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers and socially conscious consumers can discover, connect with and be inspired by the natural world”

Circle of Blue WaterNews – "reporting the global water crisis"

DeSmogBlog – "clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate science"

E, the Environmental Magazine – bimonthly with news and resources for people concerned about the environment

Earth Island Journal – “hard-hitting exposés and inspiring stories of grassroots movements” TMC

EcoWatch – "uniting all shades of green" to "drive fundamental change"

Grist – “a beacon in the smog; environmental news and commentary with a wry twist” TMC

High Country News – "informs and inspires people, through in-depth journalism, to act on behalf of the West's diverse natural and human communities”

Inside Climate News – "covers clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy and environmental science—plus the territory in between where law, policy and public opinion are shaped"

Kaiser Health News - "in-depth coverage of health care policy and politics," largely funded by the Kaiser Family Foundation

Living on Earth – weekly environmental news radio program

Orion magazine – inspiring “a cultural force for healing nature and community” TMC

Radio Ecoshock – show/audiocast hosted by Alex Smith covering "science and issues of climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, Peak Oil, the economy, and peace."

Sea Change Radio – "weekly show covering the shifts to social, environmental and economic sustainability"; syndicated and podcast

SkyTruth – providing "remote sensing (satellite images) and mapping for environmental conservation: If you can see it, you can change it"

Note: A TMC designation indicates the outlet is a member of The Media Consortium.