Summer 2017 Information

Welcome to the Ithaca College Los Angeles Program for SUMMER 2017! Please find below the information you need to prepare for your semester in Los Angeles.

Save the date! Your "Prepare for LA" orientation session will be held on Sunday, April 9 at 6pm in the Park School auditorium.

SUBMIT THE "HOUSING APPLICATION" and “SUMMER 2017 NOTIFICATION FORM” online no later than Wednesday, April 12, 2017.


Costs for Summer 2017 housing and tuition will be updated as soon as we know them.

TUITION: $1,254/credit

HOUSING: $4,126/student for the summer session

Summer tuition is billed per credit hour. All students participating in the Los Angeles Program are required to register for a 3-5 credit internship. Instructions for registration will be distributed at the April 9th meeting in the Park Auditorium. The following additional courses will also be offered, but they are optional:

Class # Class Time CRN#
CNPH 30000-61 Fiction Film Theory* (3 credits) Wed 10am-1:30pm 10243
TVR 46000-61 Senior Media Seminar: Media Effects (3 credits) Wed 2pm-5pm 10248

*Writing Intensive Designated
^Diversity Designated


You should have already received information from Jackie Paul, Professional Development Coordinator, regarding internships. You can contact her directly for assistance and questions in regards to internships at

You should begin to search for an internship using our database, which is located on our home page, Click on "Internships" in the left column. Click on "Internship Database" (use your Netpass Username and Password to get into the database). You should also check career/jobs pages of studios and companies that you are interested in. Do this sooner than later as applications deadlines are coming up soon!

If you are offered an internship at any time, you must get permission before accepting it. Dr. Stephen Tropiano will be serving as your faculty adviser for the present time, so it is important that you contact him by e-mail at or by phone at (323) 851-6199 before committing to an internship.

If the internship requires a letter of proof that you will be registered as a full-time student and earning credit for your internship, click on “INTERNSHIPS” and then click on “Credit Verification Request” to fill out the form and submit it electronically. We will then complete your credit verification request.


Sunday, April 9

Orientation Session, Park Auditorium, 6pm

Wednesday, April 12

Housing Applications and Notification forms due online

Wednesday, April 19 Roommate Assignments will be emailed

Friday, April 28

Internship Search Logs due in Los Angeles

Wed, May 17 Specific apartment assignments emailed to students


Friday - Monday, May 19-22

Please do not arrive at Oakwood before 3:30pm if you are checking in on Friday, May 19.

Students arrive in LA and check into the Oakwoods North Clubhouse.

Oakwood office hours for check in are:

Friday, 3:30pm - 7pm

Saturday - Monday, 9am - 7pm

If you arrive during non-office hours, Oakwood security will handle your check in.

Monday, May 22

RA Orientation and training (mandatory)


Los Angeles 101 - Orientation to LA, internships and the ICLA program

Wednesday, May 24

Classes and Internships begin

Tuesday, July 4

Holiday (ICLA offices closed)


Final Exams

Friday, July 28

Internships end

Sunday, July 30

Housing ends at 12:00 noon.

Summer Facebook Group