The Media and Iraq website serves as an introduction to the media’s coverage of the war in Iraq. The contents were compiled from internet resources and academic research. The website was created as a follow-up to the symposium “Lessons from Iraq” conducted by the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. The symposium was made possible by a generous grant from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation.

The website is divided into several areas that provide an objective overview of the media’s coverage of the war in Iraq. A number of links were identified and grouped to encompass a wide range of media coverage.

U.S. Mainstream Media coverage provides a list of mainstream (corporate-owned) media outlets in the United States that feature (or featured over several years) a special section dedicated to coverage of the war in Iraq. A majority of the websites provide an opportunity to search for archived stories relating to the war.

U.S. Independent Media coverage provides a list of independent journalists and filmmakers who have covered events in Iraq since 2003.

Foreign Media section includes articles and videos from non-U.S. media outlets. The selected media outlets are largely based in the U.K./Europe, due to language restrictions, however several links are provided to foreign media sites that translate their print and broadcast media.

Online Documentaries and Videos provides several links to documentaries available for viewing on the Web free of charge.

Media Organizations and Publications includes professional media outlets worldwide* specifically addressing many aspects of the issue. Many of links offer additional resources that broaden the understanding of the media’s coverage of the war. *Limited to organizations and publications in English.

Blogging the War in Iraq shows the abundance of military blogs (Milblogs) and accounts of the events in Iraq presented by a growing community of citizen reporters. In addition, the section includes interviews with Iraqi bloggers, and a video journal from Iraqi blogger Salam Pax.

• The recent emergence of WikiLeaks established a new standard of media coverage. The WikiLeaks and the War in Iraq section provides links to stories and analysis related to the “Collateral Murder” video released in April, 2010. The section details the reaction of English language media outlets, along with discussions on the role of WikiLeaks in the field of journalism.

The Academic Research section provides a list of scholarly papers and abstracts related to the media coverage of the war.

The Books section gives an assortment of published books that cover the war in Iraq and issues related to the war.

The Additional Links and Resources section contains material that does not fall under any previous categories but provides compelling information on media coverage of the war in Iraq.

The subject of media coverage of the war in Iraq evolves as new resources (blogs, academic research, books, etc. ) become available. This regularly updated website will remain current and relevant to all those interested in the subject.