Wikileaks and the War in Iraq

Al Jazeera

“Blowing the Whistle” by Andrew Fowler

“Video Shows 'US Attack' on Iraqis”

“Iraq Outrage over US Killing Video”

“Media Spin on the Iraqi Elections”

Asia Times

“Collateral Pentagon” by Pepe Escobar
The Atlantic

“Two Reader Responses on the Wikileaks Footage” by James Fallows

“More on WikiLeaks and the Baghdad Footage” by James Fallows


“WikiLeaks Posts Video of 'US Military Killings' in Iraq”

“How Do Iraq Wikileaks Compare to Vietnam Pentagon Papers?”   

Columbia Journalism Review

“The Story Behind the Publication of WikiLeaks’s Afghanistan Logs” By Clint Hendler

Deutsche Welle

"Press Review: Outrage at US military after leaked Iraq video",,5442248,00.html

The Economist

“Wiki Gaga”

“Don't go back”

FOX News

“Military Raises Questions About Credibility of Leaked Iraq Shooting Video” by Justin Fishel

Global Voices Online

“Liveblog of Global Reactions to Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs”       

The Guardian

“Wikileaks Reveals Video Showing US Air Crew Shooting Down Iraqi Civilians” by Chris McGreal

“Who Watches WikiLeaks?” by Chris McGreal

"Julian Assange on the Afghanistan War Logs: 'They Show the True Nature of This War'"

"Afghanistan War Logs: Story Behind Biggest Leak in Intelligence History" by Nick Davies

Los Angeles Times

“WikiLeaks Emerges as Powerful Online Whistle-Blower” by Noam N. Levey and Jennifer Martinez,0,7443621.story?track=rss

“Harder to Suppress Leaks in Internet Age” by David G. Savage and Noam N. Levey,0,7053868.story

Mother Jones

“Inside WikiLeaks’ Leak Factory” by David Kushner


MSNBC Panel Discusses's "Collateral Murder" Video

Part 1

Part 2

The New Yorker

“No Secrets. Julian Assange’s Mission for Total Transparency” by Raffi Khatchadourian

The New York Times

“A Renegade Site, Now Working With the News Media” by Noam Cohen

"Iraq Video Brings Notice to a Web Site" By Noam Cohen and Brian Stelter

“Reaction on Military Blogs to the WikiLeaks Video” By Timothy Hsia


“The WikiLeaks Report, Civilian Deaths, and 'Indiscriminate' Attacks”

Nieman Journalism Lab

“Data, Diffusion, Impact: Five Big Questions the Wikileaks Story Raises About the Future of Journalism” by C.W. Anderson


“Who's Behind WikiLeaks?”

“The Things Civilians Don't Understand About War”


“A Closer Look at WikiLeaks' Past, Future” by Sarah C. Sullivan

“Poynter Editor on WikiLeaks' Global Leverage, Playing by Its Own Rules” by Hari Sreenivasan

“The Purpose and People of WikiLeaks”

“WikiLeaks Documents Go Public: Where Should Journalists Draw the Line?”

“WikiLeaks Documents: What War Info Can Be Verified?”

“The Wiki Leak is More and Less Important Than You Think” by Joshua Foust


“WikiLeaks and the Psychology of Leaking”

Russia Today (Russia)

“Wikileaks Co-Founder Speaks to Alyona”

“Pentagon's Skeletons: WikiLeaks Puts War Crimes in Spotlight”

“WikiLeaks vs. White House: Who's Twisting the Truth? “

“WikiLeaks Editor on Apache Combat Video: No Excuse for US Killing Civilians “

“Mainstream Media Ignores Wikileaks Video”

TED Talk

“Julian Assange: Why the World Needs WikiLeaks”

Time Magazine

"Combat Video: The Pentagon Springs a WikiLeak" by  Mark Thompson,8599,1978017,00.html

The Times/Sunday Times (UK)

“Leaked Video Footage Shows Iraq Journalists Killed by US Gunships” by Giles Whittell and Alice Fordham


“Professor: WikiLeaks' Credibility Boosted” by Chuck Debevec

The Wall Street Journal

“WikiLeaks Rolled Dice to Raise Its Profile” by Jessica E. Vascellaro


“U.S. Soldier on 2007 Apache Attack: What I Saw...” by Kim Zetter

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