Kati Lustyik, Television-Radio program, publishes book

Kati Lustyik has published a book on Popular Television in Eastern Europe During and Since Socialism with co-editors Anikó Imre (U. of Southern California) and Timothy Havens (U. of Iowa). Lustyik is an assistant professor in the Department of Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies, and teaches in the Television-Radio program.

The book, published by Routledge, responds to the recent surge of interest in popular television in Eastern Europe.

This is a region where television's transformation has been especially spectacular, shifting from a state-controlled broadcast system delivering national, regional, and heavily filtered Western programming to a deregulated, multi-platform, transnational system delivering predominantly American and Western European entertainment programming.Consequently, the nations of Eastern Europe provide opportunities to examine the complex interactions among economic and funding systems, regulatory policies, globalization, imperialism, popular culture, and cultural identity.

This collection will be the first volume to gather the best writing, by scholars across and outside the region, on socialist and postsocialist entertainment television as a medium, technology, and institution.

More information about the book, click here.

Originally published in Intercom: Kati Lustyik, Television-Radio program, publishes book