Rod Serling Short Feature Script Competition: Accepting Entries

Entries are now being accepted for the Rod Serling Conference's Short Feature
Scriptwriting competition. The conference is scheduled for November 2013 in Los

The script competition is open to nonproduced or nonoptioned writers only. The
deadline for entries is Monday, April 30, 2013.

First Place: $250
Second Place: $150
Third Place: $100

The Top 5 will be read by Carol Serling.

For complete rules and submissions guidelines, click here.

Serling taught at Ithaca College from 1967 until his death in 1975. Ithaca College
is also home to the Rod Serling Archives consisting of television scripts, movie
screenplays, stage play scripts, films, published works by Serling, unproduced
scripts, and secondary materials.

Originally published in Intercom: Rod Serling Short Feature Script Competition: Accepting Entries.

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