Park School Advising

Advising Expectations


  • Initiate contact with your adviser; 
  • Schedule a meeting, should you want it, each semester during the three-week advising period prior to on-line registration to help with course selection and academic planning; 
  • Contact your adviser during office hours, if possible. If not possible, request an appointment via telephone voice mail or email to set up an appointment; 
  • Come to appointments on time and cancel appointments if you cannot come; 
  • Access your mid-term grades on the web and make an appointment to discuss unsatisfactory grades; 
  • Discuss important decisions or questions about your education (e.g., choice of major, change of major, change of school) well before on-line registration; 
  • Come prepared for appointments. Prior to on-line registration, come with a list of courses, alternative course choices, and the meeting times of these courses; Also, be continuously updating your tentative four-year plan to reflect changes, study abroad changes, etc.;
  • Follow through on referrals made by your adviser (e.g., a visit to other faculty members, a professional development coordinator or the Office of International Studies) and be willing to discuss suggestions made by your adviser; 
  • After talking to your adviser, accept responsibility for making your own decisions. (Your adviser will provide advice, not make decisions.


  • A meeting at the beginning of the academic year to get acquainted; 
  • Availability during posted office hours and the opportunity for individual appointments; 
  • Assistance in helping you find academic information, including information on majors, minors, and academic policies, procedures and deadlines;
  • Referrals to appropriate people and offices if she or he cannot provide the necessary assistance;
  • A meeting to discuss mid-term grades and recommendations for academic improvement, if appropriate;
  • Assistance in understanding the purpose of academic requirements and their relationship to your degree program and career plans;
  • Assistance in helping you to learn how to make academic decisions, how to discover the range of options available to you, and how to think through the consequences.
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