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Caitlin Gallagher, 2007Caitlin Gallagher, 2007
Travel and Expense Management Analyst at Morgan Stanley

In this position, Caitlin Gallagher audits expense reports for over 25 divisions in the Americas and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions of Morgan Stanley (approx. 5,000 employees), enforcing strict policy guidelines in order to both lower expenditures as well as ensuring compliance with firm and government regulations. She also manages invoicing and payment of overtime perquisites for the Investment Banking (IBD) and Global Capital Markets (GCM) North America divisions and analyzes incoming hard copy and electronic mail for firm violations including non-compliant gift giving, sharing of firm related information and outside business interests. Gallagher organizes and runs bi-weekly department meetings to communicate changes and updates to policy as well as review and questions or concerns among staff, and presents and reviews travel and expense policy and procedure annually with incoming Analysts and Associates. Finally, she communicates with administrative staff via expense feedback email group and hotline for both technical and policy support.

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