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Sarah Brylinsky, 2008Sarah Brylinsky, 2008
Program Associate, Second Nature, Inc.

Sarah Brylinsky is a Fulfillment Program Associate with Second Nature, Inc., which accelerates the movement towards a sustainable future by serving and supporting senior college and university leaders in making healthy, just, and sustainable living the foundation of all learning and practice in higher education.  Her work includes supporting the advancement of sustainability in higher education through inclusion and fulfillment of colleges and universities in the American College and University President's Climate Commitment, connecting the work of student and youth organizers around climate and sustainability on campus to Second Nature initiatives and resources, and working on partnerships and collaborations with other sustainability organizations towards the mutual advancement of Education for Sustainability (EfS), climate neutrality and justice, and youth leadership initiatives.  Sarah has taught a variety of courses on gender, environment, and climate negotiations at the undergraduate level, supports alternative transportation initiatives at the community level including bicycle repair and mobilization efforts, and works with a variety of international and inter-governmental organizations to advance climate initiatives via the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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