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Ron Keas, Forward (2012)

Ron Keas has produced what he proclaims to be the "world's first political campaign poster in 3-D." And it promotes the re-election of President Barack Obama.

It incorporates his oil painting of Obama and adds the Lincoln Memorial and one of the President's campaign slogans, "Forward." 

With special glasses (available for purchase on Keas's Web site), you will see the effects. 


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President Obama Speaking in Maumee, Ohio (July 5, 2012) (Photo: Susan Walsh/AP)

The Obama campaign has unveiled another slogan: "Betting on America." Past slogans for the President's re-election campaign were "Winning the Future" and "Forward" (the latter one present, but de-emphasized, on the Obama Web site).

The new slogan is patriotic and is an attempt to paint the President's policies in a positive way, in contrast to Mitt Romney's alleged "outsourcing" of American jobs overseas, closing American companies, and opposition to the Federal bailout of two U.S. automakers.

Obama's Republican opponents immediately countered the slogan's message, with one, Tim Pawlenty, saying the following: “No one should bet against America. But we certainly shouldn’t double down on Barack Obama.”

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