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Posted by Steven Seidman at 3:40PM   |  1 comment
Logo, Les Otten Campaign (2009)

Les Otten, a Republican running for governor of Maine (election to be held in 2010) has a logo that is similar to the very successful logo devised for Barack Obama last year.

It has the red-white-and-blue color scheme of the Obama logo, with green mountains and a leaf added. This makes a lot of sense in Maine, with its great natural resources. Check out Otten's Web site (also similar to Obama's), on which he advocates for the government to subsidize alternative energy options:

[Thanks to Steven Heller, who discussed Otten's Web site on his blog, The Daily Heller, and to Laura Larrimore, who alerted me to Heller's blog entry]

1 Comment

My question always comes back to a logos ability to to translate to black and white. I'm curious to know your thoughts on this. I understand that a logo within the political realm is simply used for banners ect, but what becomes guided? Where does this fit into the realm of a real world use? Is this style of design specifically designated towards campaign type recognition then no longer used? I wrote a bit on this before in my article <a href="">design your own logo</a>
Its geared towards someone designing on their own, but my question still stands. Is this the direction that all of the industry is heading? I've seen it from the client side in terms of demand and I'm really not sure the best way to explain the difference in uses. What are your thoughts?

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