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Posted by Steven Seidman at 7:11AM   |  3 comments
Fabeka Lebron (L), Barna Director, & Glenis Anglada (R), collector (
The best exhibition of Barack Obama campaign posters is in the Dominican Republic. Titled "The Art as Political and Policy of Art," the exhibition was organized by the Barna Business School, and includes 50 posters from a private collection. According to Diario Social, the show "seeks to validate the importance of design in communication strategy and how artists are key elements in any political revolution...."

[Thanks to Jason Urban of PRINTERESTING for publicizing this exhibition and posting the YouTube video of the poster gallery, for those of us who can't make it down to the D.R.]


thanks so much for posting our Obama exhibit.
The exhibit is about art, is about propaganda, is about a movement, is about a collector's passion to acquire and an artist's passion to create. Is my personal way to show in my country the president elect "Barack Obama as viewed by artists", enjoy it.

That's a wonderful exhibit! Is there any way to identify all the artists of the posters? Now in 2013 it's getting harder to find info on many of the artists. Is there a catalog somewhere?

Hi Julie, there are several books on Obama posters: design for obama, poster for change a grassroots anthology, another is art for obama, presidential campaign posters 200 hundred years of election art
they have the best of all Obama poster design in both campaigns, some of the posters were never printer, but some artist have done some limited edition copies, like myself.

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