Career Opportunities

Endless Opportunity
Career opportunities for CMD graduates are endless.

One of the greatest strengths of our program is when our graduates find themselves able to readily move among different roles throughout their careers. One alum sent us the following:

"My boss said she not only hired me because of my graphic design skills, but because I was so well rounded in what I could do. Next year she wants me to take over her director of community relations position. I am proof that CMD has made me successful."

Our graduates' achievements are evident in our alumni profiles in which they talk to you in their own words about their jobs and experience in CMD. Take a look - they are the true measure of our success.

Our students pursue exciting careers across


  • consulting
  • web designer
  • graphic designer
  • communications coordinator
  • event planner
  • eLearning specialist
  • internal communications specialist
  • social media designer


  • entertainment
  • travel and tourism
  • health care and pharmaceutical
  • publishing
  • professional sports
  • health and fitness
  • financial

various types of organizations…

  • corporations
  • government
  • design firms
  • non-profits
  • small businesses
  • and your own entrepreneurial endeavors