CMD Major Places Third in Park Tank Competition

Congratulations to Third Place Winner Lily Dickinson for her pitch: FlatBox a collapsible container for pocket tissues that also creates space for waste.

FlatBox is unique as it contains a divider which separates used and unused tissues. Filling the FlatBox with used tissues causes it to expand and using new tissues makes it compress.

The initial idea for FlatBox came from a Systemic Design class project where students were instructed to re-design an already existing product.

“I wanted to create something useful, yet sustainable so I was having a difficult time. Luckily, the idea came to me after contracting a cold on a bus from New York City. The design process made me super passionate about inventing and idea generation. I always though it was a good idea but never acted on it. Flash forward to this year, I'm in Maker Lab in the Center for Natural Sciences and our end of year project is a holiday gift sale, I knew I wanted to bring the FlatBox to I did. "

Lily reflects positively on her experience with Park Tank as it “ created a no-risk space for creatives to practice business pitch skills that we can apply into our respective fields.”

Park Tank