CMD Majors Gasper 13 and Berry 14 Attend the International Association of Business Communicators Regional Conference in Pittsburgh, October 14-16

CMD majors Emily Gasper ’13 and Timothy Berry ’14 traveled to Pittsburgh, PA for the International Association of Business Communicators regional conference from October 14 to 16. They, along with three other Park School students, represented Ithaca College’s student chapter of IABC for this annual professional conference.

During the conference, Gasper and Berry – as well as the other Ithaca College students – participated in a case study competition and networking events, and attended professional workshops and three keynote speakers. On top of this, the students had the opportunity to explore the city of Pittsburgh and to meet with professional mentors to discuss the Communications field.
Comprising five of only seven students who attended the conference, the Ithaca College students spent their time interacting almost entirely with professionals in many Communications fields. This allowed the students to make connections, learn more about various industries, and form better perspectives on potential career paths. Gasper said, “I'm thankful I got to attend this conference my senior year because I am at the point where it's important for me to start talking to people, asking them questions, and introducing myself.”
She was also very grateful for the chance to meet with a Communications professional who was assigned as her mentor for the conference: “I had coffee with her and she offered me the most wonderful advice and guidance…I may reach out to her in May when I'm applying for jobs!”
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