Julie Tausend, CMD '08, asks "What Excites You About Being an Instructional Designer?"

Julie Tausend, CMD ’08, has been working in the eLearning field for the past four years. In her blog, Tausend Talks she tackles the tough but critical question; “What excites you about being an instructional designer?"


Strategic Communication Assistant Professor and CMD Program Director, Dennis Charsky who teaches Instructional Design and eLearning (Tausend has been a virtual guest speaker in both courses) is excited that his former student has tackled this tough question. Charsky said; “Most people do not know why a career in eLearning and Instructional Design is such a great choice. Despite the plentiful jobs that pay very well it’s just not a well known profession. Julie has done a good job at helping to promote the virtues of the profession in her blog and in her guest speaking engagements.”


Read more about Julie Tausend and why she her career passion is Instructional Design at her blog Tausend Talks.


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