Ad Lab Competition Photos


Ad Lab team class photo

Every year Integrated Marketing Communications students from Ithaca College are required to take one of five Capstone classes: Advertising Lab, Integrated Marketing Communications Lab, Brand Design, Professional Development or Public Relations Lab. In Ad Lab students compete in American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) by researching the year’s chosen brand and developing an advertising campaign.

In the words of IMC Program Director and Professor Scott Hamula: “Ad Lab is a senior-level course that competes in the National Student Advertising Competition sponsored by AAF. We compete in District Two comprised of 20+ other colleges in neighboring states. Most recently, our team ranked #2 in the nation, #1 plans book/jcpenney.” This year’s client is Pizza Hut.

During Ad Lab the students split up into different teams that have separate responsibilities for the campaign. Two co-chairs are elected each year. This year the class elected Zach Briggs and Nicole Panuccio.

The account planning team was responsible for the bulk of the campaign’s primary and secondary research and was led by Cole Tessler.

The creative team was responsible for all creative executions and had a head copywriter and a head designer. Chelsea Gillette led as head copywriter, and Carolyn Hartley was the lead for creative design.

The production team is responsible for the execution of the campaign book and was led by Allyson Mnich.

Led by Jordan Darkow, the brand activation team created tactical and experiential activity that ties into the campaign.

The final team is media and was led by Matthew Adams. The media team was responsible for the campaign’s budget and use of media outlets for advertisements and brand activations.

Each team came together to collaborate to create an innovative campaign that competes regionally on the weekend of April 17 of this year. The presenters for the competition will be Elissa DeBruyn, Jaclyn Cheri, Christopher Frost, Gregory Johnson and Nicole Panuccio. The alternates for the presentation are Hannah Fitzpatrick and Cody Merrow.

The team includes Matthew Adams, Zach Briggs, Jaclyn Cheri, Jordan Darkow, Elissa DeBruyn, Sarah diGiovanna, Sarah Duchano, Emily Dunn, Claire Farrell, Kelly Fishback, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Christopher Frost, Chelsea Gillette, Carolyn Hartley, Emily Ingersoll, Gregory Johnson, E.J. Luther, Emily Massaro, Tyra Mazzer, Ryan McGee, Katherine McVeigh, Sarah Megar, Cody Merrow, Allyson Mnich, Nicole Panuccio, Katherine Powers, Stephanie Schloss, Kristen Swanson, Cole Tessler, Nicole Viteritti and Anna Yuen. ­­

Story contributed by Sarah diGiovanna.