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Julianne Fruscio, '10, ExcelsiorIMC Alumni ProfilesJulianne Fruscio, '10, Excelsior

IMC major Julianne Fruscio, class of 2010, currently works for Excelsior, a printing and communications company located in North Adams, Massachusetts. The company specializes in commercial printing and has recently branched out to include Web-based services, such as social media consulting, QR code creation and tracking, and personalized URLs. The company works closely with its customers to create customized creative marketing solutions that provide a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Julianne currently serves as the business development and marketing coordinator at Excelsior, where she develops and implements Excelsior’s communication, marketing and community outreach programs. She also investigates and evaluates product and business markets for sales opportunities. Julianne recently oversaw the development and implementation of the creation of the new company Web site ( and is responsible for managing all social media platforms on a daily basis.  Julianne started at Excelsior in 2010 as the business development and marketing coordinator. Prior to coming to Excelsior, she worked for Berkshire Creative, an initiative in Berkshire Country, Massachusetts, that helps stimulate economic growth by connecting local professionals in the creative economy.

Julianne said, “The education I earned from The Roy H. Park School of Communications has fully prepared me to become not only an employee of Excelsior, but an asset.  I am depended on to complete intricate marketing campaigns from start to finish -- and thanks to Ithaca College, I am confident in my ability to do so.”  

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