IMC Capstone: IMC Lab

The Integrated Marketing Communications Lab (IMC Lab) capstone course applies key components of integrated marketing communications including advertising, public relations, brand positioning, and sales promotion. The objectives for this capstone focus on using IMC principles to develop an integrated marketing program for a client that requires research and development of integrated strategies to achieve specific marketing objectives. Students apply key concepts experientially by analyzing cases and engaging with a client to complete a significant marketing project. At the end of this course students present an integrated and ethical marketing program consisting of marketing strategies, advertising, public relations, and sales promotions.

In the spring of 2014 a group of IMC Lab students worked to research, plan, and restructure the Ithaca College Traditions Challenge. The goal of the Traditions Challenge is to increase students’ engagement while on campus so that they have a stronger connection to the college. With exceptional experiences that shape and transform the Ithaca College experience, there is hope that alumni will have a greater sense of connectivity to the college and will be more willing to give back to their alma mater. The IMC Lab plan was to engage students through a guidebook and a mobile app. The book consists of information about each traditions and other bucket list items to complete around Ithaca, while the app is centered around a game to complete the traditions and bucket list items.

Other students participated in the Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge. This client for this nation-wide challenge was Domino's. Students worked in teams to create an integrated marketing campaign using all direct and interactive channels including Domino’s-owned and earned media channels; social media, e-mail, website, print with a goal of increasing the number of orders driven through a Domino’s Mobile App. The target audience was males and females ages 18-49, we skew slightly female with a focus on Moms/head of households focused on making the dinner decision for their family. In the spring of 2013 a group of IMC students placed 3rd overall.

The Traditions Challenge team poses with their IC guidebook design.
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