IMC Student Develops Award-winning Product Idea

The third annual Business Idea Competition awarded nine teams monetary prizes on November 14, 2013 at Ithaca College. IMC student Zach Briggs, ‘15, was awarded first place in the lifestyle category and plans to continue the entrepreneurial process with his winning product.

Briggs first thought of a product idea in the fall of 2013 when his apartment’s kitchen sink became clogged due to a lack of cleaning the grimy drain catcher. The plumber saved the day and also sparked the idea that would eventually become Briggs’ winning design. “This kind of stuff happens all the time,” said the plumber, “people just really, really hate cleaning their kitchen drains.” Briggs has set out to solve this problem with a simple product he calls Drain Flower. Drain Flower is the kitchen drain catcher that is easily emptied with its button-activated signature rotating petals that keep hands away from the mess.

Briggs said, “Emptying the kitchen drain is an inevitable annoyance and a constant source of disgust, but the majority of people don’t think of this as a problem because it currently can’t be fixed. I look forward to solving this problem with Drain Flower and hope that one day in the future, people will look back at the arcane messy way of emptying their drain and won’t be able to imagine how they tolerated the painful process without Drain Flower.”

While some competition winners may “take the money and run,” Briggs invested the funds into furthering his product idea. Currently, Briggs is working with a local engineering company, Stonewell Bodies, to develop a 3D-printed prototype. After applying for a provisional patent, he plans to participate in two additional business plan competitions to secure additional funding for upfront and expected costs, including the casting of the mold and inventory expenditures.

Contributed by Zach B. Briggs, ‘15, IMC major.


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