10 IMC Students Inducted Into Oracle Honor Society

Ten IMC students were inducted into the 2012 Oracle Honor Society on November 5 at a ceremony held in Emerson Suites. Congratulations to Zachary Briggs, Jaclyn Cheri, Jordan Darkow, Leah Doerner, Christopher Frost, Kaitlin Hubert, Kristina King, Lauren Quigley, Chelsea Soto, and Kristina Stockburger.

The Oracle Honor Society is a historic Ithaca College honors society that recognizes academic excellence. First-year students who maintain a GPA that puts them in the top 10 percent of all students in their school throughout their first full academic year are invited accept membership into the society. During the fall semester, a recognition ceremony honors these students. Oracle members believe that these able first-year students will indeed contribute leadership, loyalty, and service to Ithaca College during their subsequent years here.

The Oracle Honor Society is founded upon the symbol of the star. The five points represent the attributes of excellence for which members of Oracle aspire: Scholarship, Leadership, Loyalty, Service, and Character. The laurel wreath around the star represents the achievements of Oracle members. The wall represents the courage and fortitude shown in order to achieve the ideals of the society, and the light is a beacon for Oracle members in the future. The olive branch is the emblem of peace -- the talisman for all Oracle members.



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