IMC's Courtney Brown Organizes Elect Her Workshop for Women

IMC major Courtney Brown, ‘14, currently a member of the Student Government Association, organized the Elect Her workshop for Ithaca College in the spring 2013 semester. Elect Her is a program offered through the American Association of University Women and Running Start that encourages and trains college women to run for student government and future political office. Applications for the Elect Her training workshops must be completed during the spring semester and only a limited number of applications are accepted. For those accepted, the four-and-a-half hour workshop is free of cost.

The program is offered to men and women alike and teaches them how to design and communicate campaign messages effectively, as well as how to connect and mobilize their constituents on campus. The program tries to persuade women to join in student government and provides them with the skills to run successful student body campaigns. The Elect Her spring workshop communicates to female students why more women are needed in student government. The program talks about the high percentage of women in college and university – and the low level of women participating in student government.

Elect Her is valuable training as it provides useful information for running campaigns and student governing, which can lead to future jobs in public office. Research has proven that women who participate in student government during their college or university years are far more likely to be engaged in politics and public service later in their lives.

Courtney Brown said, “I was very happy with the outcomes of the workshop. We had over 40 young women participate, and many students after the event talked about how much they enjoyed the speakers. Since this was our first year hosting Elect Her, the workshop is a step in the right direction to working on women’s political leadership not only at Ithaca College, but also for our students beyond graduation.”

For more information about student government at Ithaca College, log on to If you are interested in the Elect Her program and how to apply, check out

Contributed by Derek Crossman, ’13, politics major and IMC minor.






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