McKenzie Wall Announces Fall Performances for SROPAC


McKenzie Wall ’13 founded Standing Room Only Performing Arts Company (SROPAC) as a way to bring together creative people from all majors at Ithaca College who love the performing arts and to give them meaningful roles in the areas of their choice, regardless of their prior experience. SROPAC requires no auditions; shows are based on dedication to the ensemble and interest in the performance. SROPAC includes plays, musicals, a cappella, show choir, shadow cast, and dance.

McKenzie said, “SROPAC is a reflection of what I want the performing arts to be: open, honest, and dedicated. I know that the world of performance isn't fair--but I don't see why I can't try to give everyone in college the opportunities that they weren't given in high school and may never get after college. Some people are hobbyists, with a passion for the arts that feeds their creative drive--other people are artists, with a need to do their chosen art. We welcome both types of performers, and all of those in-between. SROPAC is my ‘IC family.’ We care about each other intensely and learn from each other constantly.”

Fall 2011 Performances:

This Is Our Youth: 11/12 7 p.m. Clarke Lounge $5;11/13 8 p.m. Clarke Lounge $5

Broadway Musical Revue: 11/13 5:30 p.m. Clarke Lounge FREE

Ruby's Story: 12/2 5 p.m. Business 111 $5; 12/4 2 p.m. Business 111 $5

No Exit: 12/2 8 p.m. Business 111 $5; 12/3 6 p.m. Business 111 $5

A Chorus Line: 12/3 8 p.m. Beeler Hall, Whalen $5; 12/4 4 p.m. Beeler Hall, Whalen $5

Show Choir/A Cappella Showcase: 12/9 5:30 p.m. Business 111 FREE

5 Women Wearing the Same Dress: 12/9 8 p.m. Business 111 $5; 12/11 5 p.m. Business 111 $5

Rumors: 12/10 7 p.m. Williams 221 $5; 12/11 8 p.m. Williams 221 $5



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