Ithaca Honors Twilight Zone Creator

For Ithacans, Rod Serling isn’t just the creator of the Emmy-award winning show The Twilight Zone. He’s also remembered as the caring man who opened up his heart and home as he lectured at Ithaca College for nine years. IC is home to the Rod Serling archives, the largest and most complete collection of his work, which includes television scripts, movie screenplays, stage play scripts, and films.

The School of Communications recently honored Serling’s life and legacy with the second annual Rod Serling Conference, a two-day event featuring presentations of academic papers, panel discussions, and screenings of Serling’s work. The results of a nationwide Rod Serling scriptwriting competition were also revealed.

Several of this year’s conference sessions featured some of Serling’s colleagues and students from the early 1970s. But the most anticipated event was a Twilight Zone marathon with introductions and analysis of each script's themes. The weekend concluded with a staged reading by the Department of Theatre Arts of “Noon on Doomsday,” a never-before-produced script by Serling. 

Want to know what it was like to hear Serling lecture at Ithaca? Here's a comment one former IC student left on YouTube:

"[Serling] spoke to us at Ithaca College in 1969, and he delivered a spontaneous speech about the evils of war when he was asked about his opinion of the Vietnam conflict. He spoke with such eloquence that when he had finished, we in the audience were sitting in absolutely stunned silence for about 3 seconds, and then rose to our feet and gave him a standing ovation that lasted for a minute and a half. Honestly, it was like hearing from God! Surely "One For the Angels"."


Originally published in Fuse: Ithaca Honors Twilight Zone Creator.

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