2009 Winners

Congratulations to our 2009 winners.

First Place
Chris DelliCarpini, Garden City, NY

"Dumbed Down"
A society where no child is left behind -- because no child is allowed to get ahead. Above-average children are chemically "normalized" in the name of equality. Some, like Mrs. Janet Lynch, have grown up concealing their intelligence. But when her child's marked for normalization, can Janet outsmart the authorities?

Second Place
Federico Jimenez, Bronx, NY

While America is on the verge of war, Simon, an avid sports fan and compulsive gambler, takes his asthmatic son Benny to a baseball game. There he meets his distant cousin Gabriel, who takes Benny home due to an asthma attack, right before an atomic bomb hits the stadium.

Third Place
Lance Gilmer, Sunland, CA

"The Guest"
When a young woman throws a housewarming party, she discovers a party-goer she hasn't met. Despite her hints the night is done, her guest continues his visit, regaling her of a long life lived with joy, pain and sorrow.