SU21 Services & Amenities

  • Facility hours and group exercise classes are posted on this website
  • In-person workout participation is walk-in first come, first serve (no reservations).  Wellness Clinic capacity is limited only by the requirement to maintain 6 ft. distancing amongst all individuals. 
  • Virtual and in-person exercise programming and training sessions (i.e., limited personal training) are offered by appointment dependent on staff availability.
  • In-person fitness evaluations and graded exercise testing are offered by appointment dependent on staff availability.
  • Day-use lockers are available and assigned by staff upon client arrival at the Wellness Clinic, however no locks will be provided.  Lockers and baskets are not available for rental.  Lockers not marked OPEN for use and assigned are CLOSED. 
  • Cubbies and a footwear mat are provided in the main lobby for those who chose not to use the locker room but need to store belongings during their workout.
  • Two showers are available in both Wellness Clinic locker rooms every 15 minutes for 10-minute reservation periods. Staff will clean and disinfect showers after each use and before the next reservation.  Showers can be reserved with staff upon arrival at the Wellness Clinic.  Client will report when finished with shower and/or staff will automatically enter locker room to disinfect shower after the 10-minute reservation has elapsed when others are waiting. 
  • No towels (sweat or shower) are available in the facility.
  • Water fountain may be used to fill water bottles only, drinking directly from the fountain is prohibited.
  • Clients are asked to bring their own:  full water bottle, sweat & shower towels, lock for day-use locker, and if possible yoga mat and small fitness equipment.

SU21 COVID-19 General Policies & Procedures

  • In-person Wellness Clinic access is limited to:
    • Current IC faculty, staff, and graduate student Wellness Clinic members who are approved to be on campus AND are cleared to access campus based on successful completion of required testing and daily health screening.
    • Starting June 1st fully vaccinated IC retirees, faculty, staff, and graduate student Wellness Clinic members who have submitted their vaccination to the college and are cleared to access the Wellness Clinic based on successful completion of required testing and daily health screening.
    • Please note:  At this time, community members including spouses and guests are not permitted.
  • Individuals who are not cleared to access campus based on their responses to the Daily Health Screening may not proceed to campus and will not be allowed to enter the facility.
  • Patrons who begin to experience symptoms while in the Wellness Clinic must leave campus immediately and contact a medical provider. 
  • An acceptable face covering must be worn except for briefly while drinking or showering.  Gaiters, bandanas, buffs, and face-shields are not acceptable face coverings for use in the Wellness Clinic. 
  • Sharing of face coverings is prohibited.  Patrons must regularly clean or replace their face coverings after use and if they become wet or soiled, in accordance with CDC guidance.
  • Please use hand sanitizer when entering the Wellness Clinic and wash or use hand sanitizer anytime your hands are soiled, including after touching your mask, blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing to avoid spreading germs. 
  • Patrons must check-in and check-out of the facility with staff.
  • Patrons will be directed promptly into the space they will be utilizing within the facility – locker room, group exercise room, fitness floor, or for appointments with employees to the resource room or clinic evaluation rooms (e.g., fitness evaluation, GXT, and orientations.).  Lobby seating is closed. 
  • Patrons will keep 6 ft. distancing in all areas throughout the facility (e.g., locker rooms, workout areas, and evaluation rooms) and will adhere to direction of all facility signage including “closed” and occupancy signage.
  • When employees are assisting patrons 6 ft. physical distancing will be maintained to the maximum extent possible, with occasional, brief contact closer than six feet kept to less than 10 minutes to perform required services including addressing a health or safety risk (e.g., to demonstrate correct exercise form or posture).  Close contact must be conducted in least amount of time possible (i.e., no lingering or socializing).
  • Patrons are not permitted to eat in facility. 

SU21 Exercise Specific Guidelines

  • Patrons are encouraged to plan their workout routines ahead of time to reduce lingering.
  • Individuals must maintain 6 ft. of physical distancing while exercising which includes use of only every other piece of equipment and staying in marked workout areas in the group exercise room and free weight area.  Contact closer than six feet to move throughout facility and access equipment must be kept extremely brief.  
  • Patrons shall use only one piece of equipment at a time (i.e., no circuits or “super setting”) to ensure 6 ft. physical distancing and machines are cleaned after use.
  • Patron must wipe down equipment after use.  Use of shared equipment is prohibited unless properly cleaned & disinfected between each user (e.g., demonstrations).
  • Cardio equipment must be reserved before use and is limited to 30 minutes per piece of equipment when others are waiting.
  • Free weight exercises requiring a spotter are discouraged and use of support rails is required where feasible.  If spotting exercises occur, they will be conducted in the least amount of time possible by an employee or a member of the lifter’s household (i.e., no lingering or socializing).
file-outline COVID-19 Member Conduct Agreement - summer-covid-19-member-conduct-agreement_0.docx (19.28 KB)
file-outline SP21 Wellness Clinic Re-Opening Health & Safety Plan - final-wellness-clinic-re-opening-plan-sp21.pdf (264.26 KB)

Our Health & Safety plan has been approved by Ithaca College and the Tompkins County Health Department.