Membership Information

Summer 2021 (5/17-8/20):  $25 paid via cash or check.

New Client Orientation Services

Clients will be scheduled with the same Fitness Specialist throughout the orientation process.  Graduate students are required to participate in Orientation #1 and encouraged to participate in our additional orientation services.  Scheduling is first come, first serve and dependent upon staff availability.  Clients will be notified if they must be placed on the waiting list.  


  1. Orientation #1 (Virtual or In-Person):  Personal Training Consultation (including Medical/Health History review, exercise program planning, and goal setting) with Fitness Specialist.


  1. Fitness Evaluation (FE) (In-Person):  Fitness Specialist measures resting heart rate and blood pressure, body composition (fat vs. lean tissue), muscular fitness, flexibility, and functional movement.  Only conducted if client permitted in-person and comfortable participating during COVID Pandemic.
  2. Graded Exercise Testing (GXT) (In-Person):  Maximal exercise testing on treadmill or bike to determine aerobic capacity and VO2max conducted by Wellness Clinic staff.  Fall 2021; limited availability; only conducted if client permitted in-person and comfortable participating during COVID Pandemic.
  3. Orientation #2 (Virtual or In-Person): Personal Training Consultation (including FE & GXT results review, finalize goals, and presentation of individualized exercise prescription) & Orientation to Individualized Exercise Prescription (instruction of all cardio, resistance, and stretching exercises in program) with Fitness Specialist.
  4. Orientations #3 - 4 as needed (Virtual or In-Person): Orientation #2 continued and/or completion of workout session with Fitness Specialist observation, motivation, and feedback.

Wellness Clinic Client Session Cancellation Policy:  Please be respectful of our staff and other clients by doing your best to keep all scheduled reservations and appointments.  We do understand that illness and emergencies arise and if you must reschedule please do so at least 24 hours in advance.  Repeat cancellations may result in client placement on waiting list or in extreme cases membership suspension.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

Steps to Join & Complete Orientation

  1. Fill out and submit the Medical History/Health Habit Questionnaire form (using adjacent link).  Note: Submissions are saved in the Ithaca College Wellness Clinic Formstack HIPAA software account.  All information is strictly confidential. 
  2. Submitted Medical/Exercise History Form will be reviewed by Wellness Clinic professional staff and client will be contacted if they need a physician medical clearance on file before participation (downloads available below).
  3. After Medical/Exercise History review and receipt of physician clearance form if necessary, Wellness Clinic staff will contact client to:     
    1. Pay for SU21 membership via cash or check made payable to Ithaca College Wellness Clinic.  
    2. Complete and submit membership paperwork -Liability Waiver, Membership Agreement, Client Policies, and COVID-19 Member Conduct Agreement (downloads available below).  Forms can be emailed to wellness@ithaca.edu or filled out in-person at the Wellness Clinic.
    3. Schedule O#1 (virtual or in-person) with Fitness Specialist (Grad members only required to complete O#1, but if desired/needed may participate in FE, Orientations #2-6, and GXT).  FE (in-person), O2 & O3 (virtual or in-person) may be scheduled at this time as well, but there should be a minimum of 1-2 weeks between O#1 & O#2 for program writing and supervisor review. 
  4. Assigned Fitness Specialist, with the help of other floor Fitness Specialists, will continue to provide instruction on exercise technique, basic progressions (and program tweaks), motivation/support/encouragement, and fitness/health/wellness education during client workouts.
  5. After the orientation process is complete "new" client receives same benefits and services as current members.

file-outline Physician Medical Clearance form - physician-clearance-form.docx_1.pdf (233.47 KB)
file-outline Liability Waiver - liability-release-waiver_1.pdf (18.69 KB)
file-outline Client Policies - client-policies_0.docx (22.05 KB)
file-outline Membership Agreement - membership-agreement_0.docx (24.13 KB)
file-outline COVID-19 Member Conduct Agreement - summer-covid-19-member-conduct-agreement_1.docx (19.28 KB)