Career Building

Below are strategies to help make this a successful career-building experience for your Ithaca student.

Tips for Families and Friends

  • Relax! It takes time to craft a plan for one's future and no matter how skeptical or fearful you may be, trust that your student will eventually take steps to begin this process when he or she is ready.
  • Share information by talking about your own career. While students often know what family members do for a living, they may not be aware of your day-to-day responsibilities. Set aside time to tell them.
  • Ask questions. When your student shares an idea or two about the future, try saying, "Tell me more about that." This invitation to conversation may be quite enlightening and enjoyable for both of you.
  • Foster networking opportunities. If your student has expressed interest in a particular career, help him or her connect with professionals in that field. Colleagues, clients, Cousin Joey, neighbors, even the fellow Rotary member can be a resource.

Tips for Students

  • Discover your personal VISA. No, not your credit card! Here, VISA refers to Values, Interests, Skills and Abilities. To make a sound career decision, it is critical that you understand your talents. No time like the present to start that self-assessment process. Network, network, network. Contact friends, neighbors, colleagues of your family, IC alumni in your area - anyone! - and start asking them direct questions about their work. Spend time in on-site visits if you can.
  • Develop a resume. Summer is the perfect time to begin this all-important professional career-building document. For assistance, check out the Guide to Resume Writing on the Career Services web site.

Make the most of your summer job or internship. Be sure to keep a good record of what you did as well as what you learned; also take advantage of opportunities for special assignments as well as for feedback from your supervisor. Such information will be critical to your future resume and interviews. Also, maintain contact with your supervisor and fellow workers. They can be valuable contacts and references down the road.