Diversity Recruitment Resources

We have included useful links to resources for students and alumni interested in diversity recruiting topics. Career Services understands that there are many definitions of diversity and we will continue to update this page as we learn of additional resources.

General Resources

Resources for African American Job Seekers

Resources for Asian Job Seekers

Resources for Hispanic Job Seekers

Resources for International Students Seeking Employment

Resources for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Resources for LGBT Job Seekers

Resources for Native American Job Seekers

Resources for Women Job Seekers

Resources for U.S. Veteran Job Seekers


Career Services receives numerous requests to link to on-line career related resources. While we appreciate being notified of these resources, the volume of requests that we receive far exceeds our ability to review and respond to them on a regular basis. If you wish to submit a site to us, please feel free to do so and we will review it at our earliest convenience. We will not, however, be able to to confirm when your site has been reviewed or if we have elected to add it to our list of on-line resources. Thank you for your understanding.